Elc castle of doom ?

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goingroundthebend4 Thu 25-Nov-10 14:14:32

am thinking of this for ds has anyone got one and is it worth the money ? how sturdy is it

itsstillgood Thu 25-Nov-10 17:41:41

We have the Tower of Doom (opposed to Castle of Courage - not sure which you mean). Was a joint present two years ago when mine were 3 and 6. Is still played with frequently.
Only moved it out of the living room about 3 months ago. Prior to that every single child that entered our house gravitated towards it.
Still the most played with thing when they have friends round as big enough for several kids to play happily.
In fact this is the first present or birthday one of them hasn't had knights or one of the other add ons to play with it.
In all that play we have lost the flag and a small bit that supports the pointy roof snapped but it still works fine with the remaining 3 posts and a dab of glue.
I would say you need the space to leave it up permanently as although it is fairly easy to build the first time, putting it together without the instructions is a bugger and well beyond the kids and if you move it around it tends to fall apart.
I would say fantastic for knight mad kids if you have the space.

BerylStreep Thu 25-Nov-10 17:57:46

We got the pink equivalent, the princess castle, a couple of years ago. It was hopeless, you just needed to look at it, and it fell apart. We brought it back, and to their credit, ELC refunded it no problem even though it had been taken out and built.

We've got the old Tower of Doom, which is a bit less fancy than this year's model. It's pretty good, quite sturdy, lots of play value, but agree you need to build it and leave it up. It's not worth the money though IMO (we got ours second-hand from eBay and that was much more reasonable).

ninjanurse Thu 25-Nov-10 21:57:54

DS has got the Dungeon of Doom, like the tower but slightly smaller. He has had it two years and still plays with it regularly. I did get it half price at the time though (think before they discontinued it) and Im glad I got it cheap, because it is essentially painted wood that slots together. Ours has been pretty sturdy though and has stayed together well.

jewelsforxmasplease Thu 25-Nov-10 22:21:25

we have the castle of doom, ds,6, got it for xmas last yr. to begin with it was played with a lot but not so much or the last 6 months.
more recently we were given a plywood castle with a tower in each corner and platforms or knights. it is much cheaper and simpler but he loves it and so do his friends when they come. Doom will be sold on next yr.

4plus1 Thu 25-Nov-10 22:38:21

We got the castle of doom 4 xmases ago when ds were 4&2. We now have 4 ds, (8,6,4,2)and the castle is still being played with on a regular basis. It is the centre of lots of games. Really sturdy as two year old has a habit of acually climbing Into the middle of it! Its had lots of play and still in great condition compared to the plastic power ranger and ben10 stuff that have fallen by the wayside over time. Worth every penny imo

4plus1 Thu 25-Nov-10 22:39:29

Oh and dont loose the instructions in case they decide to dismantle it!

You can find the instructions online if you need them (I think I posted a link on MN in the interests of posterity as they took some digging to find )

abgirl Fri 26-Nov-10 11:16:36

Yes, we bought 3 years ago and has been played with ever since - we did buy new but looked out for when it went on special offer which it normally is for at least one weekend before christmas. Has had some damage but nothing major and there's lots of extras you or other relatives can pick up to go with it. Is a b*****r to put together on Christmas Eve though so leave plenty of time!

tootiredtothink Fri 26-Nov-10 12:43:27

A fabulous buy. We bought ours 4 years ago and it's still playing with daily.

Agree with the others though, it has to be left out.

Tower of Doom instructions (as it appears that I either didn't post the link before or did it in Chat)

goingroundthebend4 Sat 27-Nov-10 07:29:11

ty have ordered it today as a joint prsent for ds from me and m mum was down to £60 and a freee set of monsters to

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