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What should I buy for 14 yr old nephew and 16 yr neice for a tenner each?

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bigchris Wed 24-Nov-10 13:03:19

Not vouchers. Something they can unwrap

please smile

PaulineMole Wed 24-Nov-10 13:05:36

no idea - I am struggling similarly so will be taking notes grin. I have 4 teens 16-12 to buy for.

gillybean2 Wed 24-Nov-10 13:06:18

£10 note wrapped round a bar of chocolate grin

bigchris Wed 24-Nov-10 13:14:49

Gillybean - we do usually give cash, dh always says they'll be saving for something so to do that . Maybe I should go for that again... Tis hard to decide grin

Onlyaphase Wed 24-Nov-10 13:18:15

Gillybean said what I was going to say. Think they'd rather have the cash TBH

defineme Wed 24-Nov-10 13:19:26

Well my similar age cousins would be thrilled with a large selection box, but that's a bit unhealthy.

Unless you know another teenager in their particular teen subgroup who could predict their taste accurately, then I think you're best off with a voucher/cash. Cinema vouchers/itunes both good.

I always loved books, but I was a weirdy freak of a teen!

Adair Wed 24-Nov-10 13:20:44

This went down well with my sis in law last year. Think I we bought her a mood clock a few years ago when she was 15. And another year got her a selection of things from Muji (she is quite arty though). What kind of things do they like to do?

Recommend or firebox for cool stuff (make sure you find a discount code).

bigchris Wed 24-Nov-10 13:20:58

Okay so a large bar of dairy milk with a tenner inside?

Adair Wed 24-Nov-10 13:22:45

(though, yes, sis in law got her cash which went down VERY well... Am sure they'd love cash but some people like choosing pressies grin)

bigchris Wed 24-Nov-10 13:23:31

Yes that touch clock looks good too - how big is it?

Adair Wed 24-Nov-10 13:23:51

Yup, to be fair, I would love a big bar of choc with a tenner inside grin

Snowstorm Wed 24-Nov-10 13:26:06

Those are great ideas Adair - will pinch them for my godchildren and nieces! Thanks!

Adair Wed 24-Nov-10 13:31:02

I love choosing presents! And have especially loved buying for sis-in-law as she is a bit like me (but ten years younger). This year we are getting her loads of plain pine storage bits from Ikea for her to enjoy decorating as she wishes (she has just started at art college). Might bung in a few crafty bits I find from pound shops (will be shopping for dd too).

The mood clock is smallish (about CD size but cube iirc?)

Rachyandmeg Wed 24-Nov-10 14:02:41

To be honest my young sister is 16 and all they want at that age is gift voucher or money, probably money being number 1 choice. They like to get what they want and know what they like at 16. I'd just get some chocs to go with the £10 . And do same fo 14 year old, so no arguing.

posey Wed 24-Nov-10 14:36:28

"What about one of these each" only £5 each and a selection box as well?

posey Wed 24-Nov-10 14:37:38

Sorry don't know where the " " came from!

dbm Wed 24-Nov-10 20:18:10

why not vouchers? eg cinema voucher attached to the biggest bag of popcorn; went down well in our house

hambo Wed 24-Nov-10 20:22:57

I bought one of these for my next door neighbour and she loved it here
Little ones are about a tenner I think...

Not sure about a boy though!!!!!

SatinShoes Wed 24-Nov-10 22:07:47

New Look gift voucher for the girl. She will love you.

SatinShoes Wed 24-Nov-10 22:08:37

And I know you said no vouchers but this is what my niece just asked for...

WentBlank Thu 25-Nov-10 10:12:49

If you can stretch to a few more pennies how about this

Littlepurpleprincess Thu 25-Nov-10 10:42:24

An itunes voucher?

chicaguapa Thu 25-Nov-10 10:48:47 do some nice things for a tenner. The personalised notebooks are really good quality. I've ordered a few for this Christmas.

Chamomile Thu 25-Nov-10 11:38:59

Thanks for that link, I've just ordered 6 notebooks for nieces and nephews.

chicaguapa Thu 25-Nov-10 12:31:55

Cool! I was really pleased with mine so I hope you are too.

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