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Need help haven't a clue what to buy for my 6 year old dd

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paulinefouler Tue 23-Nov-10 08:46:01

She is very girly and loves art the only thing I have got her so far is this.

I really am stuck please help.

Bonsoir Tue 23-Nov-10 08:49:07

A camera?

sb6699 Tue 23-Nov-10 09:30:41

Chad Valley at Argos do an Art Caddy with loads of stuff in it (sorry cant do links!)

I have got my dd (also 6) one after she saw it at her friends house and loved it.

For other ideas, my dd has also asked for a kiddizoom video camera, a doll, a typewriter to play offices and some Sylvanian Families stuff.

dappleton Tue 23-Nov-10 09:38:05

Not sure this is of much help but can you get her to make a 'list to santa' - can't remember what age children grow out of this but I seem to remember writing them for years as a child, it'll at least give you an idea what she may want.

paulinefouler Tue 23-Nov-10 09:44:59

Thanks for all the ideas think I am going to look into the kiddizoom video camera.

She wrote a letter the other day so will try and hunt it out I forgot all about it blush.

KangarooCaught Tue 23-Nov-10 09:48:55

corolle doll

caran d'ache colouring pencil set

healthyElfy Tue 23-Nov-10 10:27:09

A costume? Bags with smellies in. Rainbow fairies books (Book People do a whole set). Playmobil, roller skates and cd player get played with a lot by my daughter, also six.

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