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Help needed! Myrrh nativity costume?!

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Mum1234 Mon 22-Nov-10 20:18:33

My first ever post.. so hi.
My son just been given the part of Myrrh in the nativity play and I need to make a costume - any ideas?! Help!

AlistairSim Mon 22-Nov-10 20:19:57

A very large cardboard box with his arms and legs sticking out and Myrrh written on it?


AitchTwoOh Mon 22-Nov-10 20:21:39

or an old ali baba laundry basket, similarly attacked with a stanley?

AlistairSim Mon 22-Nov-10 20:26:04

Definitely more authentic, Aitch, but possibly a bit sharp on the appendages.

AitchTwoOh Mon 22-Nov-10 20:27:43

do you think? i thought maybe with a pyjama beneath...

if not, cardboard box covered in tinfoil it is. plus natty cardboard had and a smile.

amatteroflifeanddeath Mon 22-Nov-10 20:29:51

one dimentional cardboard container with his face sticking through in the style of those seaside photo things that make you look like a bodybuilder. Like this but myrrh instead of a woman in a bikini

AlistairSim Mon 22-Nov-10 20:33:51

I would still worry about chaffing, to be honest.

Ooohh, amolad, are you one of those uber competative mums one reads about?

AitchTwoOh Mon 22-Nov-10 20:36:41

actually, amidai's suggestion makes me thing that a sandwich board type of thing (plus natty hat) would also work. although only sideways movement for our young actor.

Mum1234 Mon 22-Nov-10 20:40:02

Oo good ideas - thank you. This is his first ever nativity play so I feel I need to make an extra special effort as these photos will haunt him for many years hopefully!

maktaitai Mon 22-Nov-10 20:42:12

My suggestion? Move immediately to a more deprived area. My son's school provides the costumes because a few years back this area was a lot poorer and the parents had better things to do wouldn't have looked kindly on ludicrous requests like this.

In reality, myrrh is a resin. Brown t-shirt (or longsleeved top if you happen to have one) and brown tights/trousers, and I'd agree, use a fabric pen (gold?) to write Myrrh on the front. Top tip: if you have to buy a brown top, don't forget you can buy one with logos and crap on it, then turn it inside out for instant plain brownness.

Mum1234 Mon 22-Nov-10 21:07:26

Read that last sentance a bit quick, I thought it read that I should cr*p on the t-shirt! Right best see what I can find first, cardboard box or brown clothes. Myrrh - I ask you, at least with a sheperd I could have used a tea towel!

AitchTwoOh Mon 22-Nov-10 21:25:24

brown clothing = jobbie. don't make a five year old explain 'but i'm a resin'.

dizietsma Mon 22-Nov-10 21:28:58

grin @ Aitch

maktaitai Mon 22-Nov-10 21:36:37

PMSL yes probably 20 years of therapy right there

GrimmaTheNome Mon 22-Nov-10 21:37:49

You are absolutely sure he's got to impersonate myrrh, not the wise man bearing it? How wonderfully weird!

Surely the magus wouldn't have brought a lump of resin as is - it would have come in a fabulous myrrh container

...I'm sure you can knock up something like that (and get your DS to wear it!)

Jux Mon 22-Nov-10 21:43:15

The myrrh tree is very pretty. You could try that: here

SuePurblybiltByElves Mon 22-Nov-10 21:48:28

I love that nobody has said "but myrrh? Are you sure it isn't supposed to be a wise man?". Truly we are moving towards the era of the Nativity Prawn at high speed.
Resin. Excellent. grin

Anyway, my twopennorth, obviously he will be in a jewelled casket. php?do_id=1082&lang=en. Box covered in gold crepe paper. Hat in a pointy lid shape, ditto. Stick on jewels. Balthazars yer uncle.

Mum1234 Mon 22-Nov-10 21:50:31

That's what it says on the letter... 'chosen to represent the present myrr in the nativity play'

So maybe a space suit with a gold bow and a hat that says myrrh?! So much choice and so little time!

AitchTwoOh Mon 22-Nov-10 21:57:33

ahahahahahaaaaaa YES a space suit, that's exactly what we've been saying. grin it's either that or a conker-coloured unitard.

gillybean2 Tue 23-Nov-10 02:28:58 W_CHILDREN&LIST_PRICE_RANGE=

Don't ask me which one brought the Myrrh though...

gillybean2 Tue 23-Nov-10 02:31:17

pity you didn't get frankinsense, so much each to find! D=JMW_CHILDREN&LIST_PRICE_RANGE=

gillybean2 Tue 23-Nov-10 02:34:15

Ok google search suggests that Caspar brought the Myrrh. So you could dress him up as a ghost!? grin

Mum1234 Tue 23-Nov-10 09:36:34

Another good idea - and with a comedy element too! Thanks for all the ideas, you lot are brilliant )

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