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What should I put on the top of my christmas tree?

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FakePlasticTrees Mon 22-Nov-10 08:18:39

so last year, the really old star we had for the top of our tree finally had to be retired (after it fell apart). I couldn't find a nice one to replace it, so had a bare tree top.

anyone seen any nice ones anywhere? All the ones i've seen so far are either the sort of creepy fairies that would give me nightmares or stars that look like an explosion in a glitter factory.


Lastyearsmodel Mon 22-Nov-10 13:34:26


Hai1988 Mon 22-Nov-10 15:38:51

What about this

thell Mon 22-Nov-10 16:22:31

DD and I made an angel using a wooden spoon, wool and paper.
Is that any help?!

BlackBag Mon 22-Nov-10 20:15:02

I dress up DH's 40 year old teddy bear in what can only be described as a fairy gimp costume. It's now a TRADITION grin

Lastyearsmodel Tue 23-Nov-10 13:48:05

Teddy as fairy gimp - what a lovely traditional sight that must be grin. Photos please...

Lastyearsmodel Tue 23-Nov-10 13:56:50

Thanks to Hai's JL tip, my 4yo DD1 would love this uncreepy angel. And at that price we can always get something more sophisticated in a few years.

SoMuchToBits Tue 23-Nov-10 14:08:12

Blackbag I am shock at the indignity to which you subject the poor old ted!

No sensible suggestions though, as we are still using the faithful 40something year old fairy (and yes we do still love her) which used to be my patents'.

Saltire Tue 23-Nov-10 14:10:50

DS2 want us to put one of his Dr Who "weeping angels" on top of the treehmm

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