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Has anyone else finished their shopping?

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asouthwoldmummy Fri 19-Nov-10 14:02:01

I finished my Christmas shopping on Wednesday and I'm so pleased it's done!

We're buying a house which is due to complete the week before Christmas. I thought this year we'd better be organised so all presents are bought and half are wrapped and it's still November!

I can now enjoy Saturday afternoons drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies while everyone else is Christmas shopping, anyone fancy joining me?

MadreInglese Fri 19-Nov-10 14:02:39

<ignores with envy disgust>

gillybean2 Fri 19-Nov-10 14:04:31

yes I did the last of mine Thursday last week. Almost done with the wrapping too.

Ds has asked for one more thing, but I'll ask Grandma to get it now.

Might still get a couple more bits and pieces though, but only as his brthday is in january so I will go through the box and see what to put for xmas and what for birthday.

HeadFairy Fri 19-Nov-10 14:05:24

even though I haven't finished my shopping I can join you in spending saturday afternoons drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies because I work opposite Europe's largest urban shopping centre and have been going out every lunch hour to buy a present or two. My drip feed method of Christmas shopping is surprisingly pleasureable!

poorbuthappy Fri 19-Nov-10 14:06:11

just popped in to point out the glaring error in your title...for some reason you have put the word "finished" instead of "started" in there...wink

Hai1988 Fri 19-Nov-10 14:07:01

OK now i feel very un-organised i havent evan started

weblette Fri 19-Nov-10 14:09:06

Nearly, just dh to get for. Kids stuff all wrapped and in the attic. Seems a bit early but just for once I want to be able to enjoy the run-up to Christmas without having to go near a single shop.

honkytonk Fri 19-Nov-10 14:11:35

I have been wrapping presents this lunchtime while DC naps.

I know if I mention it to most people they will shriek in horror but I find it cheaper to buy stuff as I see it through the year.

Takes away a bit of the last minute enjoyment/festive feeling but also panic too!!!

Eddas Fri 19-Nov-10 14:18:02

no yet :-( I#ve just been on a website that says 36 sleeps til christmas shock

I'm only not finished because i'm waiting for payday, next friday. Then i'm planning on online ordering as I'm not going to the shops apart from a few bits for dc's stockings and chocolatesgrin all of which i'll probably get in Tesco with my food shopping! I plan to be done before December arrives!!

aDarkStarWithStrangeWays Fri 19-Nov-10 14:20:03

Arf poorbuthappy, I'm with you. Haven't started yet although I only have about 7 people to buy for.

I have in the past done my entire Christmas shopping in an afternoon, online, sat in a nice warm house drinking tea while it pisses down outside Now that is satisfaction.

MadreInglese Fri 19-Nov-10 14:21:32

not listening

<fingers in ears>

la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

FreudianSlimmery Fri 19-Nov-10 14:22:07

Me me me I'm done

Did most of it in September. Got some bargains in amazon and using ELC vouchers.

Have only recently decided (MNers persuaded me) to do stockings so that was done this week.

Am really pleased I did it so early. DH has been off with a back injury for a while now (awaiting MRI) and is on sick pay so it's a relief not to worry about buying everything now.

We are hoping to put a bit of money aside for the sales though, DH works for Boots and we always get mega bargains for the next years birthday presents.

ItalianLady Fri 19-Nov-10 14:22:53

Yes I am all done. Dh needs to order one more thing and I will keep buying for DH as I see things but otherwise it is all done. Just the food to get.

XboxWidow30 Fri 19-Nov-10 14:39:59

I have started and got quite a bit but none of the relatives presents which is where I get stuck!

I bought wrapping paper the other day but not got round to wrapping things yet. I might wait until I have got it all so I can keep tabs on what presents the children have. If I start wrapping it now I will forget what it all is, lol!

I would like to be finished though!

FreudianSlimmery Fri 19-Nov-10 15:54:26

I'm waiting until the last couple of bits to arrive and then I will have one big wrapping fest! Though also need to clear decent space in cupboards to hide them - they're currently all bunged into bags and itd tear the paper if I put them back in such a haphazard manner blush

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