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13 wanting to do Secret Santa

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gregssausageroll Fri 19-Nov-10 11:15:37

How do I do it? Odd numbers just don't work do they?!

nobiggy Fri 19-Nov-10 11:17:46

If you arrange the names in a circle, then each person gives to the one on their right, everyone gets a present. Or something.

ethelina Fri 19-Nov-10 11:18:38

1. Bran tub. Everyone buys 1 present & it goes into a lucky dip. 13 presents, 13 pickers, nobody left over.

2. Everyone picks a name out of a hat. 13 pickers, 13 names, nobody left over.


gregssausageroll Fri 19-Nov-10 11:24:45

We are all over the UK though. I'll split the list between me and another and we should be able to work it that way (I think!)

lifeinagoldfishbowl Fri 19-Nov-10 11:27:12

We're doing it for the first time this year - we wrote a list of names and then picked names out of the hat for that person. I am in charge of it and it seems a bit of a mixed bag of who's buying for who.

maryz Fri 19-Nov-10 11:27:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

needtogetalife Fri 19-Nov-10 11:28:23

just imagine all names in a circle and everyone give to the person on the right. That way everyone gives and recieves, they just not giving to who they are recieving from.

did that make sence?

gregssausageroll Fri 19-Nov-10 11:44:06

Yes! Got it. Thanks ladies. I was looking at it too hard for it to make sense!

bigTillyMint Fri 19-Nov-10 11:48:10

We just put all teh names in a hat and take one out. If you get your own name you put it back in and choose another one.

soozze Fri 19-Nov-10 22:55:14

There are websites that do the 'hat' bit for you. It's useful if you are all in different locations and keeps the mystery for the organiser as well - you won't know who has who either!

We used this one last year -

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