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present suggestions for couples...

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tiredfeet Thu 18-Nov-10 16:13:11

DH and I both have big familie, so buying presents for each individual would be far too expensive ad time consuming. We tend to buy one present for all of each family jointly and then a present for each couple. In previous years the presents for family have been a hamper of food and wine, then board games and champagne. couples presents have been games and chocolate, then dvds and wine. Really need inspiration for this year please and mustn't be too expensive as travel and accomodation eats up a lot of our budget!

countydurhamlass Thu 18-Nov-10 19:02:45

what about making some biscuits, cakes, scones or chocolate truffles and parcel them up to look pretty with handmade gift tags. we make an xmas cake for close family,

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