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Please help - making own wrapping paper & cards for 1st time!

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accessorizequeen Thu 18-Nov-10 12:21:46

I would really really like to make my own this year. I bought the cards ages ago (silver box shaped ones) and have a snowflake punch. I want to put a photo of the kids on there but don't know how best to do this. As they're all little (7, 4 and 2yo dts) I'm unlikely to get good shot of all 4 so was going to get separate shots and combine a la Brady Bunch-style. But once I have prints, do I just stick on? I have made one card for a friend, it didn't work that well. Simply design ideas please?! I need to do about 35-40 so they've got to be simple. If older dcs could help so much the better.
As for paper, we have loads of big stamps so I was thinking stamped brown paper with a red ink pad maybe? Kids could help me. Where do you get brown paper from in a roll? I have bought several metres of plain wide red ribbon to go with it and hoping it will look quirky rather than cheap. Would potato xmas tree prints with paint work better? Again advice please!
I don't think dp nor my mum think I will be able to do this, want to prove them wrong and enjoy it too

leafinthewind Thu 18-Nov-10 12:26:46

Good lord! Four kids including two two-year olds and you want to MAKE wrapping paper!? I've done it once. Used a white roll (bought in the States - sorry!) and sponges to make prints (stars and trees, IIRC). Potatoes is a good idea! It looked great (until the TSA unwrapped everything, but that's another rant). Just make sure you have plenty of room because you'll need to leave it spread out to dry...

accessorizequeen Thu 18-Nov-10 12:38:42

Oh, you think it's a mad idea too? I'm not going to do it with the twins, not completely barmy! I do have a small roll of white paper, suppose I could experiment with that to start with. Haven't done potato prints before either. I wonder if I could buy star-shaped sponges? Thanks leaf...

leafinthewind Thu 18-Nov-10 12:50:10

I bought sponges and cut them into shapes. It WAS fun, but I don't think I'll do it again!

leafinthewind Thu 18-Nov-10 12:50:31

Normal shaped sponges, I mean...

TheNextMrsDepp Thu 18-Nov-10 12:54:05

You can get rolls of white paper from IKEA, in the kids section (for drawing).

GruffalosGirl Thu 18-Nov-10 22:16:57

I'm going to try the wrapping paper with decorating lining paper from homebase, I tink it's about £1.99. I got some Christmas sponges for about £4 from hobbycraft and ELC have got some with paint with them for £6.

Good luck with the cards. I'm doing cards with my DS, but much simpler ones. Yours sound brill.

gillybean2 Fri 19-Nov-10 07:16:59

Use spray mount to fix your photos to cards. I usually get mine at WHSmiths.
re you having flat designs or raised? If raised then fix photo to thicker card first, then apply pads to that to raise it.

You can get little double sided (with glue) foam pads for raising bits on your pictures - try your local craft or hobby shop

Sponge kits here -Stencil-Set-N294.htm
although elc also have sponde kits quite often if it's for your dc to do.

I would use A3 sugar paper for sponge painting. It's cheap and a manageable size. per-L842.htm

maryz Fri 19-Nov-10 10:33:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

accessorizequeen Fri 19-Nov-10 10:51:52

Lots of fab ideas and tips thanks all. I have White roll of ikea paper and lining paper so might start from there. Don't know if a3 big enough but like the idea of colours. I have some spray mount and Xmas stickers so reasonably kitted out!

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