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toy dog on lead- are they all to be avoided?

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rubadubduba Sun 17-Mar-13 13:50:04

There's a cheapo one in Home Bargins, mi little girl always takes it for a walk round the shop when we're in. sorry can't do links.

debkin68 Thu 14-Mar-13 22:07:21

This is the one we bought

Little girl loves it! It comes with a stiff lead so he can go for walks, and is removable for cuddles. Not amazing quality but perfect for the price.

fruitcorner Tue 16-Nov-10 22:30:26

Thanks- the dalmatian or the other dogs on the elc site - belle and buttons- look quite sweet and as you say pretty reasonable with 20% off. I love the ikea stuff!!

Tikkabillajive Tue 16-Nov-10 22:29:33

My children have Spotty Dog - originally bought 4 years ago for dd (from Letterbox I think) and still going strong. I would REALLY recommend him - he's very easy and pleasing to pull along and they have had so much fun with him - he is currently wearing the entire contents of dd's jewellery box on his ears!

ROFL at Brendan Cole the dog Emmalina!

EmmalinaC Tue 16-Nov-10 22:22:08

Yup. That's Brendan Cole! (*Dalmatian blush)

iloveblue Tue 16-Nov-10 22:17:32

I was looking at this one in ELC today - DS (aged 4) loves dalmatians and would love this.

It looked good quality and with a 20% voucher would be pretty reasonable.

I've also seen these lovely toy dog accessories in Ikea. I love the pet carrier, basket and food tin (not sure about the outfits!).
We don't have one nearby unfortunately.

EmmalinaC Tue 16-Nov-10 22:14:59

DD1 has a fluffy dalmation puppy on a lead. She calls it 'Brendan Cole'. It was a gift so no idea where it came from. DD2 has a smaller version (unnamed) which she adores. We also have a real dog but they both prefer Brendan grin

fruitcorner Tue 16-Nov-10 21:49:54

My DD has the plastic fisher price one which I think is great and is a hand me down so has been going for some time. But I was thinking about the soft fluffy ones - anyone else with feedback?

worm77daisy Tue 16-Nov-10 21:48:38

My dd now 21 months was given the fisherprice dog last Christmas she absolutely adores it and still pulls it around and chats to it all day everyday. She is however petrified of real dogs!

maryz Tue 16-Nov-10 21:46:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fruitcorner Tue 16-Nov-10 21:40:03

My DD is dog crazy desperate for one of the toy dogs on a lead - there seem to be a few different ones around but the reviews on amazon are not too good. Can anyone recommend one that is not too rubbish!

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