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Vtech camera - suitable for a 2.5 year old?

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tassisssss Mon 15-Nov-10 19:41:42

She's the youngest of 3 and terribly advanced [hmmm]

Actually I just don't want to have any more toddler toys in our house ever and had bought this already for older dd (4) but now want her to have something else.

Says 3 and up on box...

tassisssss Mon 15-Nov-10 19:48:15

i meant hmm aaaargh!

XboxWidow30 Mon 15-Nov-10 20:24:17

Is it the photo camera or video camera. We have had the photo camera and it is very good for the little ones. Our local preschool also had them for the kiddies to use. I would say its ok for a 2 yr old to point and shoot but it may take them a while before they get used to the added extras.

I am not sure on the video camera.


tassisssss Mon 15-Nov-10 20:31:40

just the camera

thanks for that!

hannahsaunt Tue 16-Nov-10 09:44:48

Boy 3 is getting it for Christmas, if that helps?

tassisssss Wed 17-Nov-10 19:39:43

Thanks HA! I think my Mum's OK with it and it was her that was going to be giving it to dd1! Now dd1 can get the fabby leapfrog tag thingy I have my eye on.

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