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Help me feel christmassy !!

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Hai1988 Mon 15-Nov-10 10:58:39

This time last year me and DH had nearly finsihed the xmas shopping and I was getting proper excited and feeling the xmas feeling.

This year i havent evan bought one gift yet, and dont feel xmas at all, i want to tho.

What could i do to help?

Was thinking of making a list today of people i am going to buy gifts for and what I could get them. Is it to early to write cards out yet?

I feel it is but i swear last year i was doing it already.

girlywhirly Mon 15-Nov-10 12:33:35

Make a list of gifts and another for cards. DH can write the ones to his friends and family, and think of gifts for them. He can come shopping for them and help you with the wrapping.

Do you feel overwhelmed at the moment, because it has all been left to you to decide and do?

If you don't feel like actually going out to shop, could you do it online?

I don't think it's too early to write cards, but be aware some people you're not in regular touch with might move house and only tell you afterwards when they send you a card. Don't send them until December.

It might help if you spread all the tasks out over the coming weeks, so that you know what you've done and still have to do, with the odd treat here and there, i.e. a whole day Christmas shopping with a nice lunch somewhere. Then you won't need to cook when you arrive home exhausted!

The only thing that is spurring me on at the moment is the thought of snow the week before Christmas as we had last year. Last minute shopping was no fun.

gillybean2 Mon 15-Nov-10 13:05:44

Never too early to write cards. I wrote mine in October half term! Bit early to post them yet though grin

You need to get out to feel christmassy. The shops are all heaving with stuff and the lights are up in town. Least round here they are.

Hai1988 Mon 15-Nov-10 14:02:17

Thanks for you advice, I am going to get going on my lists soon, just realised i used all my cards up last year so will have to get into tow and buy some new ones before i can write them.

I think in December after pay day when i can really buy gifts and when DS does his nativty i will feel a bit better smile

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