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Outdoor lights

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tulpe Sun 14-Nov-10 21:41:42

I want to put beautiful twinkly lights on the trees on my front lawn. DH has finally agreed - took 3 years of puppy dog eyes

However, am now wondering how to power said lights? Or am I being thick? There is no scope for feeding cables under front door etc. So how do you do it?

eaglewings Sun 14-Nov-10 23:18:18

We post a cable through the letter box but use a special fused box to plug them into on the outside - available at B&Q and other DIY shops

tulpe Mon 15-Nov-10 10:29:50

Thanks Eaglewings. Do you not get a horrendous draft through the letter box though?

eaglewings Mon 15-Nov-10 19:02:53

we do get some draft but are lucky and have a small inner hall that contains the 'wind'.

I have in another house put a piece of material over the letter box on the inside which helps

tulpe Mon 15-Nov-10 20:50:22

Thanks again. Idea of fabric over letterbox could definitely work. Saw the outdoor plug set up in Homebase today for around 5 quid.

Am v excited about prospect now!

eaglewings Tue 16-Nov-10 11:37:42


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