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Cracker-Making Kits....has anyone spotted any on the high street?

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BabyValentine Sun 14-Nov-10 20:30:43

I think I got last year's from Poundland or similar, but I haven't seen any (yet) this year.

Anyone spotted any?

littleomar Sun 14-Nov-10 20:31:25

john lewis

that reminds me i need to get some

ANTagony Sun 14-Nov-10 20:32:31

Hobby craft were advertising one that didn't look too expensive

TmiEdward Sun 14-Nov-10 20:33:34

Tesco have some I think.

BabyValentine Sun 14-Nov-10 20:39:33

Wow, that was quick. Thanks guys smile

I'll head to Tesco, they're bound to be cheapest...

pantaloons Sun 14-Nov-10 20:41:42

They are £1.99 in The Works.

BabyValentine Mon 15-Nov-10 14:00:29

Ooh, thanks Pantaloons. I'll have a look.

CDMforever Mon 15-Nov-10 14:24:06

ELC also do a lovely one every year. This year we're going to put scratch cards in as the presents and source the jokes from MN!

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