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Toy reviews, or what not to waste your money on.

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YourCallIsImportant Sun 14-Nov-10 14:00:48

It's that time of year when we're chucking money at Apple, Argos and Amazon. I've been on the other thread listing what we're getting our DCs, and I've seen what everyone else is getting and I've been thinking hmm, bought that in the past and that's a waste of money.

So, do you have any recommendations or words of caution about any toys, games etc?

I'll start....

Zubber - the rubber takes about 24 hrs to fully set, not 1 hour as per the instructions, plus the bracelets would fit a hairy trucker called Dave, so no use for little girls.

Password Journal - Either won't recognise your DD's voice, or will open to anyone's voice. Be prepared to return it to the shop.

Kiddizoom camera - picture quality is really poor, you'd be better off buying a low priced digital camera.

Bunbaker Sun 14-Nov-10 14:11:45

I bought DD a small box of Zubber earlier on this year and it is brilliant. Perhaps it depends on the size of the shape you are making.

Generally I go by the reviews on the Amazon and Argos websites when looking for gift ideas and don't buy anything that gets poor reviews.

earwicga Sun 14-Nov-10 14:16:14

What a great idea for a thread.

Anyone got any views on Bakugan? They look tiny and poxy to me but the kids have fallen for the adverts.

taffetacat Sun 14-Nov-10 14:30:20

Bakugan are shite, IMO. My DS had one that cost a fiver and one of its pokey out bits broke within a week, so it didn't poke in anymore, iyswim. Bakugan also rely on their friends having them too, and them having opportunities to play with them together. This often has to be outside school as they aren't allowed to take them in.

GoGos, OTOH, are fabulous.

YourCallIsImportant Sun 14-Nov-10 15:21:17

The Zubber kit I bought was the bracelet making set.

Agree that GoGos are great. Off to start a thread about toys that do get played with.

domesticsluttery Sun 14-Nov-10 15:27:20

My DC loved the Kiddizoom camera and we use one with my nursery class.

I wouldn't trust a group of 3 year olds with a proper camera, it woudl break within 5 minutes!

Lancelottie Sun 14-Nov-10 15:29:50

DD doesn't CARE about the crap quality of the Kiddizoom photos. She just likes putting crown/prison bars on them depending on subject, and waffling endlessly into it to make home videos.

Yep, the pictures are crap. Still a huge success though.

earwicga Sun 14-Nov-10 15:30:08

Thank you so much taffetacat. Just passed on that info Have been plauged with requests for them for months but they just look so shit.

FairyArmadillo Sun 14-Nov-10 15:39:47

Fireman Sam fire engine. Doors keep falling out and are a pain to snap back in, especially when it's several times an hour. Little bits on side easily snap off. I've just replaced it with the more expensive but sturdier ELC fire engine.

domesticsluttery Sun 14-Nov-10 15:41:33

Again, we have had the Fireman Sam fire engine for 4 years (DS2 had it for his 2nd birthday) and it is still going strong.

Just shows how subjective these things are!

GruffalosGirl Sun 14-Nov-10 16:03:50

Wooden Ninky Nonk - looks gorgeous but can only be used as an ornament as as soon as you pull the string it falls apart so you end up putting it together about 100 times a day. Also has really sharp wooden bits that are dangerous if it breaks.

DollyTwat Sun 14-Nov-10 16:26:35

Do I need to put the golden coin maker?

It's worse than shite. I think it's 47 different steps to make ONE coin

DontCallMeBaby Sun 14-Nov-10 16:39:55

Yes, you DO Dolly (crap, just remembered I never got back to you about meet-up - sorry sad) just so there is documentary evidence that it is crap in case DH takes leave of his senses and tries to get one for DD. She wants one (along with 50% of everything advertised around children's programmes) and I have TOLD him that MN says it's shit, but he may forget.

TheProfiteroleThief Sun 14-Nov-10 16:45:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DollyTwat Sun 14-Nov-10 17:32:55

Hey dontcallmebaby! We were looking out for you! The wine bar was packed and we only had Bumper's description of you!

Sorry for hijack op

IAPJJLPJ Sun 14-Nov-10 18:03:44

My son LOVES bakugan - as do his friends - think it really depends what sort of child you have and whether they will have anyone to play with

PeachyPossum Sun 14-Nov-10 18:28:39

Will vote for the coin maker, we have 2, pink and standard - both are crap.

nannynobnobs Sun 14-Nov-10 18:32:11

Elefun. DD2 likes it but only because I stand there jiggling and swatting the trunk to make the little butterflies come out. It blows like a geriatric trying to cool some soup down. Shite.

crumblequeen Sun 14-Nov-10 19:04:30

oh no nannynobnobs my sister just told me she has bought elefun for DS!

nannynobnobs Sun 14-Nov-10 19:09:41

Don't worry, he will probably love it. DD2 loves it and is always asking for it out. But That's because I hold her hand with the net and pull it about to catch the butterflies and it makes her laugh. Having to do that as well as coaxing and cajoling the butterflies out is a right pain in the arse!

LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 14-Nov-10 19:10:02

Ha. We have an Elefun still in the box from last year, unopened. Purely because it needs industrial generator sized batteries and I kept forgetting to buy any.

Kids have given up asking now.

Silkstalkings Sun 14-Nov-10 19:32:09

I have banned all toys this year except those approved me (nothing whatsoever with small pieces for me to tread on, in fact nothing that comes in more than one piece to get lost.) Mwahahahahaha....

applecrumbleandcream Sun 14-Nov-10 20:07:28

Play Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe - far too many fiddly bits, play doh gets stuck into all the fiddly bits and plus you need muscles like Arnie to press the play doh through the machine - oh and it doesn't 'swirl'

Silkstalkings Sun 14-Nov-10 22:19:43

Bindees, Hama beads, Aquabeads - the lot of them. They just don't stick together and get littl plastic balls/beads everywhere.

tummytickler Mon 15-Nov-10 11:19:44

Elefun is a nightmare. The dc's love it, but the actual game lasts about 30 seconds and then you have to scrabble around on the floor to pick up all the butterflies.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game - very boring, even for ds who is 3.
Will be gutted if Kiddizoom is rubbish as got one for ds! I saw some good reviews for it, and he is defo too young for a cheap real camera.

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