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Crayola Glow Dome, does anyone have one?

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Linnet Sat 13-Nov-10 23:11:46

I'm thinking of getting one of these for dd2 for christmas. I'm wondering though does anyone know if you can rub out the pictures and draw again and again or can you just draw the once and that's it?

In the info for the item it says that it comes with 2 sample pictures. space and sea, so I'm assuming that you can draw over and over but I'd love some confirmation before I decide to buy it.


Linnet Sat 13-Nov-10 23:56:54


YourCallIsImportant Sun 14-Nov-10 00:20:32

Check out the reviews of it on Amazon and Argos, you might get some help there.

Linnet Sun 14-Nov-10 00:25:37

I've been checking out the reviews on argos and amazon and nobody mentions whether or not it is wipe clean.

I have however just read about it on a website called and it says there that it is wipe clean.

thanks anyway

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