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Do I have the only child trying to make me believe in Santa?

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bran Sat 13-Nov-10 11:13:07

I have fallen into a parallel universe where instead of me trying to convince DS that Santa is real, he is trying to convince me. grin It's a little surreal.

We have always told DS (now 6 yrs) that Santa is a traditional story and not real. We do the whole stocking thing when we have Christmas in Ireland (mostly because my DM loves doing it) but not on alternate Christmasses when we go to DH's family in Malaysia.

Christmas 2008 was in Ireland and we took DS to see a really great Santa (tbh I was nearly convinced he was the real thing). Since then DS slightly narrows his eyes at me when I refer to Santa being a story. This year I am having the full evangelical experience as he is coming home from school with "proof" of Santa's existence. Apparently Santa has all the parents' phone numbers and will phone them to check whther the DC have been naughty, and when I get the call I will have to believe. grin

BudaisintheZONE Sat 13-Nov-10 11:18:24

Well you will have to believe then won't you?

Santa not real? Hrmph. Never heard the like! shock

And isn't it Santy where you are??

My DS is testing the system. Not sure whether to believe or not. So is refusing to tell me what he would like for Xmas and hasn't done a letter to Santy yet. He'll be getting nowt if he is not careful!

Mummynumber2 Sat 13-Nov-10 11:20:40

That's really sweet, reminds me of Miracle on 34th Street ( is that the name of the film?)

bran Sat 13-Nov-10 11:26:25

It seems to be 'Santa' in DS's school, and our family has always been 'Santa'. I don't know whether that's a protestant thing or a Dublin 18 thing.

BudaisintheZONE Sat 13-Nov-10 11:36:38

Ah. That will be it. Catholic northsider here!

mummynoseynora Sat 13-Nov-10 11:38:18

how sweet!!!! grin

bran Sat 13-Nov-10 11:42:28

I might take him to the same Santa again this year, and possibly allow myself to be convinced. wink

BudaisintheZONE Sat 13-Nov-10 12:03:52

Where did you take him?

I used to take my sister to Switzers every year. The windows were fantastic.

Have taken DS to Roches Stores a few times.

And we were always taken to Clerys. Not on December the 8th mind you. That was the day my mother used to get us to clean the house for Xmas as "all the people from the country will be up in town doing their Xmas shopping".

bran Sat 13-Nov-10 12:34:52

I inadvertently went into town on the up-from-the-country day when I was a teenager. You couldn't move. grin

We took him to Powerscourt (gardens not townhouse). I hope it's the same guy this year, he had a fabulous deep mellifluous voice and he spoke very slowly and asked really good questions of the sort that you would expect Santa to ask. The present was pretty good too (a fabric animal eye-mask), the DC still play with it sometimes.

BudaisintheZONE Sat 13-Nov-10 13:42:37

"Wrapping paper 5 for a powend, do you want your wrapping paper love?"

LOVE Henry Street at Christmas. And Grafton Street too but in a different way.

I may be heading home next weekend and will be in town. Yay.

Blanch not quite the same.

Powerscourt sounds lovely.

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