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Oh dear where has the Christmas appeal thread gone - I have a couple of questions!

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Manda25 Tue 09-Nov-10 18:42:17

Please excuse my stupid questions...I was just laying in the bath thinking about what I could send and suddenly realized I don't actually know how it all works...

Are we allowed to send a card to the family ? with a real (first) name in it? ...or our screen name or a card with no name ?? or no card at all ??

Will the gift I send be opened before xmas and be used by the parent/s as a father Christmas gift or as a present from the parent/s to the child or will it be opened on xmas day from me ?? - I don't care either way ...I was just wondering if i needed to wrap it or not.

If I also send a voucher is this to be used FOR xmas or as an xmas gift iyswim - so i would send a sainsburys voucher if was to be used FOR xmas ..but might send a next voucher if it was for xmas it's self...


BangingNoise Tue 09-Nov-10 20:14:01

I think sending a card is fine, and it's up to you if you put your real name or not.
I think the general thing is to put some wrapping paper in with your items, so the recipient can check what's what before they give it to their children.
As for the voucher - either, I think. You could put on the envelope if it's to be used before Christmas (like for food shopping).
You sound really lovely to be thinking about all of this.

Manda25 Thu 11-Nov-10 07:41:11

Thank you !

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