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Ideas for 5 yr old pls

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racmac Mon 08-Nov-10 12:28:28

He originally said he wanted a DS but has now changed his mind and tbh i dont think hed play with it that much - his older brother has one and he's not interested in it.

I therefore dont really know what to get him.


iloveblue Mon 08-Nov-10 14:18:59

My just 6 yr old DS is getting

Make a volcano kit
Rock and gem dig
Drawing book, paper + pens
Supermario Galaxy 2 for Wii (he and DS2 are getting a 2ndhand Wii from my MUM)
Good quality yoyo
Monopoly junior
A few other books

+ stocking fillers

and thats about it

Plus lego from grandparents and possibly the Harry Potter lego game from other family.

Not particularly inspirational - struggling this year to come up with ideas, as DS2 is 4 and they have so many toys already.

sweetheart Mon 08-Nov-10 17:01:49

so far my ds who also has a december birthday is getting:-
A TV / DVD combi for his room
A MP3 docking station from extended family for his room
walkie talkies
a magic set
a scalextric
board games

still need to think of vast amounts of stuff for extended family to give him!

bodiddly Mon 08-Nov-10 18:52:44

Ds is getting a star wars shaker maker, the mirror's free lego sets, books, books and more books, a goal so he can play football in the garden, bendaroos, a zhu zhu hamster ... and has asked for a table football game ... but I am looking at some second hand multi game tables on ebay as his main present. The other bits will either be in his stocking or from other family members. He has also asked for, but will not get unless someone else buys, knex, wii super mario galaxy 2!!

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