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Whats on your Xmas shopping list?

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OhCobblers Sun 07-Nov-10 20:53:17

we're hosting again this year and every year i, without fail, forget something.
Is 2010 going to be different? Perhaps with the help of MN!!

So whats your staple Xmas shopping list and what should we remember to get??!!! grin


OhCobblers Sun 07-Nov-10 20:55:01

naturally, i mean FOOD shopping list!

CherryMonster Mon 08-Nov-10 12:16:19

meat! (duck and lamb this year)
goose fat
sweet potatoes

cant think of anything else right now, but i will

sarah293 Mon 08-Nov-10 12:17:29

Message withdrawn

CherryMonster Mon 08-Nov-10 12:21:01

riven- lamb this year is it? same here, i cant wait. (was debating whether or not to have beef, might have that for boxing day for sarnies)

LillianGish Mon 08-Nov-10 12:21:40

Have a look at delia's Christmas cookbook. I use her list as a starting point and adapt accordingly.

sarah293 Mon 08-Nov-10 12:22:54

Message withdrawn

CherryMonster Mon 08-Nov-10 12:32:42

i thought you had started eating meat again. sorry x

sarah293 Mon 08-Nov-10 12:33:34

Message withdrawn

CherryMonster Mon 08-Nov-10 12:44:46

ok, lol, my bad

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