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scrappydappydoo Sun 07-Nov-10 20:28:56

I was thinking about getting dd to pick out a nice christmas tree ornament for her teachers and ta's - do you think that would be ok?? Thought they'd get tonnes of choc and wine or would they be more appropriate?

MadamDeathstare Sun 07-Nov-10 20:29:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SE13Mummy Sun 07-Nov-10 20:52:41

Sounds like a lovely idea. As a teacher myself I'd be delighted with a card containing a personal message, anything chosen by the child or perhaps a copy of a book (ideally with a message from the child!) that the child thought I'd like to use at school.

scrappydappydoo Sun 07-Nov-10 21:08:46

Thanks - dd is only in reception so just getting my head around whats acceptable or not iykwim. I always got a big tin of chocs for playgroup staff to share as they all 'taught' her. But now I feel it has to be something a little more personal

Millimat Sun 07-Nov-10 21:20:14

That bauble idea is lovely. As a teacher it sounds so awful to say, but there is some truth in the fact lots of chocs and wine are given. An ornament like that will also make you remember the child - every year when it is lifted out, it will bring back memories smile. Think I may pinch that idea for DDs teachers too if you don't mind...

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 08-Nov-10 07:59:14

What a great idea. DD is going to take some shoots off a plant we have and repot them for her teachers. A bauble would be great too.
I wish someone whould think of that for DH, he is a teacher and generally either gets nothing or something completely unusuable or unregiftable.

CherryRocketMonster Mon 08-Nov-10 09:23:02

i have ordered douglas fir seeds online, and will be buying little zinc pots to plant them in. i will tie a ribbon bow around the edge, and every adult i give to will get one. especially good for teachers.

MistsAndMellow Mon 08-Nov-10 11:18:36

Lovely idea Cherry, I had a little fir tree from a boy in my very first class. Unfortunately I lived at home then so it is now eight feet tall in my parents' garden grin but they like it and it always reminds me of him.

CherryMonster Mon 08-Nov-10 11:29:00

well that was the thinking, it will grow and can be used as a christmas tree for ever more!

zipzap Mon 08-Nov-10 14:40:08

I gave ds1's teacher and ta a neat little umbrella each for xmas last year (along with the gift receipt for them to change it!) - which was well received by both of them. one in particular said it was nice to get something useful and not another thing to dust or more wine and choc, and you can always have more than one umbrella whereas some things you only really need one.

ds1 also grew some apple trees from pips from nice apples (just regular eating ones from the supermarket!) and decorated the pots they were in to give to the teacher and ta at the end of the summer term, which went down well. no idea if the plants will have survived but the thought was good! A summer version of cherry's fir tree.

asdx2 Mon 08-Nov-10 15:57:15

Dd will be having a go at making these for her teacher and TA. I will buy either a bath bomb or a soap to put in the tummy to pad it out a bit.

neverright Mon 08-Nov-10 16:52:29

Cherry - Where did you order your seeds from? Are you planting them now so they will have germinated by the time you give them as gifts or not. Fab idea that I'm pinching to give to lots of people from ds. Thank you

DurhamDurham Mon 08-Nov-10 17:01:13

I always bought lovely (I thought) presents for teachers, now my girls would die of shame if I suggested it, apparently it would be social suicide.

However I have 3 friends who are teachers and listening to them whine ungratefully about what they've been given makes me wonder why I had bothered. At my youngest's last school they used to swap gifts in the staff room...make a bit of a joke out it and there would be a small pile on the table that nobody wanted. The worst gift you can given, according to my insider knowledge, is a "Worlds Best Teacher" type trophy, cup or ornament!!

CherryMonster Mon 08-Nov-10 18:41:27

neverright- i ordered the seeds from here
i thought it was a nice idea. i am going to plant the seeds in the next week and hope that they have at least sprouted by the time the kids break up.

CwtchyBlueMama Mon 08-Nov-10 21:02:14

I have made my ds' teachers Christmas Pudding flavour vodka.

scrappydappydoo Mon 08-Nov-10 21:04:58

Oh some other lovely ideas - love the 'xmas tree' and the snowmen.. hmm will have a think
What about those handwarmer things for cold playground duty?

durham don't suppose they said what they appreciated [hopeful emoticon]

TanteAC Mon 08-Nov-10 21:08:08

<wishes she taught the offspring of CwtchyBlueMama as they would be guaranteed great reports....>

FairyFay Mon 08-Nov-10 21:10:16

I always give Xmas tree ornaments - not 'world's best teacher' or similar, just a nice Gisela Graham tree ornament as I think almost everyone has an xmas tree so they can always be used.

CwtchyBlueMama Mon 08-Nov-10 21:15:11

TanteAC it smells divine & i dont even drink.The recipe is so easy,would you like it?

themildmanneredjanitor Mon 08-Nov-10 21:21:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Poogles Tue 09-Nov-10 11:12:35

DS is in reception so all new to me, but do you get the actual teacher a better present than the teaching assistant?

Want to try and avoid the wine/chocs as I can imagine they get too many. Like the tree decoration idea!

themildmanneredjanitor Tue 09-Nov-10 13:54:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

loonies Tue 09-Nov-10 13:57:29

I'm not a teacher but work with young people and IMO you can never get too much wine, chocolate and biscuits.

loonies Tue 09-Nov-10 13:58:20

Although anything that shows appreciation is well recieved

domesticsluttery Tue 09-Nov-10 14:54:04

I am a fan of wine and chocs too grin

I think what you choose depends on the personality of the teacher. All 3 of the DC's teachers this year are under 30 and very outgoing, so I am buying them a bottle of wine each. The TA's are getting chocolates.

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