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where are you going for xmas?

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thisiswhataluv Sun 07-Nov-10 15:46:03

are you staying at home, or spending it elsewhere?
we will wake up at home on xmas day but go to mils about 11 and stay there till day after boxing day !

WeeTiger Sun 07-Nov-10 16:55:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sarah293 Sun 07-Nov-10 17:01:21

Message withdrawn

SoMuchToBats Sun 07-Nov-10 17:05:07

We are staying here (East Anglia). My sister and BIL are coming to stay for a few days (from Wales) and my other sister is coming from Brighton.

We will have all the meals here (dh's parents live in Scotland, and are staying there, his sister and family will be in Sheffield, not sure about his brother and girlfriend who live near Leeds).

My Mum lives in a care home just around the corner, so we will all go in and see her at various points during the day.

webwiz Sun 07-Nov-10 17:06:14

We are staying at home and PILs are coming (they usually stay for 5 days). BIL and SIL will arrive at some unknown point but usually overlap with PIL. When they are arriving will be negotiated between MIL and BIL so that I am the last to knowhmm.

BrigitBigKnickers Sun 07-Nov-10 17:08:57

Staying at home on Christmas day, BILs for boxing day and then flying to the Algarve for a week the day after that grin

alicatte Sun 07-Nov-10 17:09:17

We are staying at home and having some family (from both sides) as guests. We do this every year. I actually like cooking - it makes me feel like a proper mummy to do the providing for once. All the rest of the year I am usually at work - including the school holidays.

SoMuchToBats Sun 07-Nov-10 17:10:58

I like doing the cooking too alicatte - I'm getting organised already! Have made my cake this week, and steamed my puddings today. Ds said "it smells like Christmas!"

alicatte Sun 07-Nov-10 17:25:53

What a lovely story Bats - 'It smells like Christmas.'. My youngest, the only one left at home, loves to help with the cake and the puddings. I haven't got round to the cake - work has been so hectic - but inspired by this thread I have got all my ancient Christmas cookbooks out (including a Delia's Christmas that I rescued from a skip). I'm enjoying myself already.

SoMuchToBats Sun 07-Nov-10 17:59:43

My cake is a Delia!

Ds is nearly 10, and likes to help with the cooking. He prepared some of the ingredients for the Christmas puddings, and right now he is peeling and cutting up the carrots and parsnips for tonight's dinner.

deaddei Sun 07-Nov-10 18:57:37

Staying at home.
We will do the obligatory day at inlaws (well, about 3 hours actually) on Boxing Day, but as MIL is terminally ill, that may change.
It's always been the 4 of us for Christmas- can't imagine being in someone else's house for it.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 08-Nov-10 08:03:11

We will be going to england for DD's first UK christmas. I am really looking forward to it.

thisiswhataluv Mon 08-Nov-10 08:07:45

im getting soooo excited grin
love all the christmassy smells cakes/puddings/ and i really like the xmas plug ins!!

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