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What do you put your Christmas tree on?

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MumblingClothDoll Sun 07-Nov-10 08:15:38

I used a coffee table last year for out 5 foot tree...I never get a tree which is big enough for putting right on the floor...but this year I really fancy buying a small, live tree...a nice fat bushy oneof abobut three feet tall and having it on a taller table...or stand. I just wondered what other people do? And do you have any tips for what looks good?

CherryRocketMonster Sun 07-Nov-10 11:23:29

the floor! i have a 7ft tree. i am getting a live tree this year, but still a whopper

MumblingClothDoll Sun 07-Nov-10 14:02:05

Our sitting room just isn't big enough to take a 7 footer and I think it's really too small for a 5 foot one even...whicch is why I though a three footer might be more proportinal...

4plus1 Sun 07-Nov-10 17:03:07

A 3ft one on a small table or crate overturned looks fine. Cover it with some fabric

fruitful Sun 07-Nov-10 18:19:45

A very very large cardboard box covered in plain (but shiny) red wrapping paper. Thought about using a small table but were afraid the dcs would crawl underneath - and then stand up. Box looks ok, esp when surrounded by presents.

taffetacat Sun 07-Nov-10 18:44:40

My next door neighbour used to put hers in a box planter like this. Looked vair tasteful.

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