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What are you getting your 9-10 year old girls?

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Hopeoverexperience Thu 04-Nov-10 11:46:21

Help and inspiration very much appreciatedsmile.

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 04-Nov-10 11:47:41

DD has pretty much everything she could want so has decided to have a skateboard. Since she was told that FC was me and DH, she has become much more sensible with her requests.

NordicPrincess Thu 04-Nov-10 11:48:24

does she have her ears pierced? if so a jewellry box. sewing or knitting project, books, a necklace etc

PlumBumMum Thu 04-Nov-10 11:50:07

A flicker
A camera (cheapy one)
maybe an ipod docking station (again cheapish)
lots of crafty things
and hamrakana (sp) some fashion designy thing

Sh e would also like a doll, but I'm not sure, think she is getting too old but on the other hand want to keep her young iykwim

PlumBumMum Thu 04-Nov-10 11:50:51

Oh yes & a jewelery box, going to get MIL to get her a charm bracelet

tummytickler Thu 04-Nov-10 11:55:12

DD is Beatles mad, so loads of bits and bobs aswell as 'Band on the Run' re issue!
Also a guitar, and a mobile phone as she has started going to the park on her own with friends.
Lots of clothes.
nice notebook and pens
Perfume Laboratory
cannot remember what else is on the list. She is so easy to buy for though - I could spend a fortune (but won't!)

MuffinsMummy Thu 04-Nov-10 12:08:32

DD1 will be 9 on Christmas eve, she will be getting:


Zoo keeper for a day experience


Dressing gown and slippers
DS and a couple of games
outfit to wear on Christmas day including new boots
All 3 high school musical DVDs
high school musical CD
stocking with stuff from pound shop

I think that's about it!

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 04-Nov-10 12:47:10

Tis very difficult. DD already has a mobile, a DS, a portable DVD player, an MP3, about a million books and the same number of cuddly toys.
Luckily we will be in England for this (her first ever english) christmas so she can look then.

Hopeoverexperience Thu 04-Nov-10 13:22:02

Thanks - so many great suggestions - really grateful.
Love the idea of zoo keeper for a day - I'd never have come up with that.

CHUNKYMUNKEY Thu 04-Nov-10 20:41:23

getting my 9 year old

hello kitty scooter
cheepy digital camera
2 annuals
ds game
pens/pencils etc (pound shop)
hello kitty cushion
stocking fillers (£10 worth)
new pjs for xmas eve

GailRSPB Mon 08-Nov-10 15:44:45

My 10 year old niece so far wants clothes from H&M, books, friendship bracelet kit, vouchers for iTunes and anything to do with animals (love the suggestion of a Zoo Keeper for the day – will definitely mention that to my sister-in-law!). I’m also getting her the RSPB Wildlife Explorer Club Membership. Bit cheeky of me really as I do some work with the RSPB but it’s a great wildlife club aimed at kids up to 12. They get a membership pack (so stickers, posters, magazine, log book etc)and a free gift as well as free entry to around 100 RSPB nature reserves around the country (Know where we will be going after Christmas!).

sweetheart Mon 08-Nov-10 15:47:28


last year my dd went on and on about a doll which I refused to buy here thinking that she was too old and wouldn't play with it. My mum gave in and brought it for her and she has played with it non stop all year. Of course she'd be mortified if her friends know she still plays with doll's but I do love the fact she still does if I'm honest!

nymphadora Mon 08-Nov-10 15:47:48

Cheap video camera between them(9/11) then software to make films on their new(dp old) laptop

sweetheart Mon 08-Nov-10 15:49:49

I'll be watching this thread with interest as I have no idea what to get my dd this year. I have just used my clubcard vouchers to get her a TV / DVD combi thing for her room as her main present but I still need other ideas for us and family members!

Earlybird Mon 08-Nov-10 15:58:25

Another one here who is contemplating a doll for an almost 10 year old. She insists she wants it.....

Also thinking of a keyboard (piano, not computer!), a camera, a watch, a bird watching book with binoculars, and sleeping bag for camping.

Have already bought a walkie/talkie radio thing with 2 handsets (decent one, not little kiddos version) for playing in the garden with pals. And, as usual, she'll receive a big pile of books to read. Oh - also found her some nice chocolate brown Uggs lookalikes that were half off price of real things.

She also is very interested in a remote controlled helicopter and/or dragon fly.

sweetheart Mon 08-Nov-10 16:01:49

Eb, my sister brough dh one of those flying things last year and dd loved it - spent more time playing with it than dh did.

Earlybird Mon 08-Nov-10 16:07:39

sweetheart - interesting to know. We recently went to a big toy store, and dd spent a good 15 minutes entranced by the remote controlled car demonstration.

A few other ideas (you'd need an active dd and/or a good amount of room) - several of dd's pals have recently been given: ping-pong table, basketball goal, tennis raquet/balls/lessons, and even a kayak (very sporty family).

Earlybird Mon 08-Nov-10 16:30:48

Also under consideration:

beanbag chair for her room
knitting needles and several packs of wool (she's learning to knit atm)
case for sleepovers, along with zippered toiletry bag (for toothbrush/paste, etc).

muggglewump Mon 08-Nov-10 16:39:38

DD-9 is getting:
A bigger cage for her pet rats.
DS game.
Blendy pens.
Purple Converse.

Why is it, when I look at this small list it seems fine, yet I know it will add up to £300?hmm

pugsandseals Mon 08-Nov-10 19:59:51

DD (8 1/2) has decided she would like tropical fish for christmas! And those sea monkey shrimp things from the toy shop to feed them with shock

Sounds like we are going to be learning about the death life cycle this christmas wink

iheartdusty Mon 08-Nov-10 21:05:43

DD will be getting, from us:

9th Birthday next week:
- beanbag,
- pogo stick,
- enormous stuffed tiger (her choice)

- Small size pannier bag and rack for her bike plus whatever funky bike accessories I can find;
- Lego Beach House
- books, duvet cover, stocking, DVDs

She has also requested:
- Sylvanians (has none but loves her dolls house)
- Clothes, money for clothes shopping
- perfume, jewellery
- lava lamp/ glitter lamp
- tap shoes

and I have suggested to family:
- Bop-It
-Cluedo game
- Fimo modelling clay
- various craft kits

FairhairedandFrustrated Mon 08-Nov-10 21:06:18

DD (9 on Christmas Eve) has asked for a wooden dolls house & furniture.

Birthday: Charm bracelet, perfume & clothes

Also got her:
pyjamas, slippers, bubblebath (usually let her open this on Christmas Eve though)

Pink digital camera
Connect 4, Operation & Hungry Hippos
a selection of books/novels
a diary & engraved pen
new outfit for Christmas day

ElizabethWakefield Mon 08-Nov-10 21:11:39

DD (just turned 10) has asked for a tv/dvd with built in ipod dock for her room. I bought it in Argos at the weekend, it was on special offer.

I've also got her some arts and craft stuff, a wii game, couple of board games, slippers, a bag and a few other bits and bobs. Will get her new PJs and a christmas day outfit too.

It's hard as it was only her birthday really recently and she got lots from friends and family and covered everything she was wanting basically!

Earlybird Sun 14-Nov-10 23:07:08

DD today asked for some Sylvanian family baby lambs (she has the Sheep family already).

She also has a long list of books she's hoping for.

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