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gifts for great grandma in nursing home

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unfitmummy Mon 01-Nov-10 15:16:08

my husbands grandma is being moved into a nursing home, after being in hospital following a bad fall, and being diagnosed with dementia. i was going to buy her a food hamper but the nursing home will now provide all food so i'm stuck. what on earth can i get her? this will also probably be the last christmas she will remember us all as she's already starting to be hazy on family members occasionally.

girlywhirly Wed 03-Nov-10 09:21:11

Something that I have just remembered, which might make a good present is a bath sheet to go with some toiletries. As someone mentioned earlier, the elderly are often cold when they get out of the bath, and being wrapped in a big warm towel is really comforting and pleasurable. I bought some for my parents one year, as all they seemed to have were ridiculous little towels, some threadbare! They didn't know why they hadn't had them before, as they kept them warm while they got dry.

My mums favourite bath products were M&S Camellia, the range includes bath foam, body lotion, talc, soaps, body spray, and also a multi-purpose spray for body/linens/room fragrance; this last could be really nice for her room and night clothes.

Aviendha Wed 03-Nov-10 14:19:35


unfitmummy Mon 22-Nov-10 17:51:03

thought i'd let you know what i've ended up buying: went to M&S, thinking that i knew it was her favourite shop so i can't go far wrong. they had their belgian chocolates and belgian chocolate covered biscuits on half price so i bought those, and then i noticed the books were also half price, and thinking of the advise on here about buying things that will jog her long term memory i bought two books - the 1940s and 1950s - which are full of photos. also, dd has painted a bowl into which i have planted hyacnith bulbs.

lilbar Wed 30-Jan-13 19:49:56 has a great short sleeved 100% cotton nightie called Bella, it has buttons all the way down the front for easy dressing.

happyjustobeme Mon 11-Feb-13 21:22:36

What revived the thread?

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