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Come on then, who's first to put their Christmas tree up?

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darcymum Sat 30-Oct-10 21:26:31

I knew somebody who would always put their tree up on the first of September every year, anybody beat that?

Alambil Sun 31-Oct-10 00:16:41

1st December or as near as, here

RememberToPlaywiththeKids Sun 31-Oct-10 07:57:34

First weekend in December BUT it's always gone manky by a week before Christmas!!

DH saws a bit off the bottom and then stands it in water with sugar in it - should we be doing something else????

It's apparently a tree that doesn't drop needles particularly so i'm sure it's what we're doing with it. Plus the water always smells bad after a while!

bigchris Sun 31-Oct-10 08:00:16

Is this a sick joke?!!
Saturday before Xmas day here so this year 18 th December
I get sick of Xmas enough without staring at a tree for three months
and can you even buy a real tree in September ?

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 31-Oct-10 08:00:53

Ours goes up on December 1st thanks to DD. This year I am going to hold on a bit longer i think. I know where it is in the cellar, but will pretend I can't find it.
They drive me bonkers because ours always looks untidy. I am a real misery guts.

SuePurblybilt Sun 31-Oct-10 08:02:41

First weekend in Advent for me. Mine comes down after Boxing day but doesn't dropp Remembertoplay, get a sprucey one.I don't bother with sugarwater or top up the water (which will smell worse with sugar in). Do you have central heating up quite high?

The3Bears Sun 31-Oct-10 08:26:28

First weekend of Dec for me aswell tempted to put it up on 1st Dec though as it always goes so fast and hate taking it down love how cosy it makes you feel

SuePurblybilt Sun 31-Oct-10 08:49:31

That's right 3bears (festive kindred spirit). The run-up is the best bit, all twinkly and cosy.

Meglet Sun 31-Oct-10 08:52:35

Christmas Eve here. The DC's would destroy it if I put it up earlier.

The nice tree is still packed away until they are older, we just have a cheap one from Woolies with a bit of tinsel for now.

MaudOHara Sun 31-Oct-10 08:54:26

First weekend of December and we have tree, lights and decs up.

winnybella Sun 31-Oct-10 08:55:38

Christmas Eve here- makes it more special imo.

scareprudence Sun 31-Oct-10 09:06:40

Ususally second w/e in December, so the 11th this year, and the same for lights.

CheriBlair Sun 31-Oct-10 09:07:21

i keep mine up all year

neverenoughMEtime Sun 31-Oct-10 09:08:24

1st Dec here! Can't imagine having no tree up until christmas eve!!

We will be taking it all down on 30th Dec because its DD's birthday on new years eve so i like all the birthday banners and balloons etc to be up to seperate the two occasions. So putting the tree up on dec 1st means we can have it up for 30 days which isn't long is it really

neverenoughMEtime Sun 31-Oct-10 09:08:53

I hope you are joking cheri grin

CerealOffender Sun 31-Oct-10 09:09:11

i am intrigue by meglets destro children and her 'nice' tree

onimolap Sun 31-Oct-10 09:09:48

We have a family birthday in mid-Dec, so only ever bring the tree in after that.

Then we're traditional and keep it up until Twelfth Night.

Dumbledoresgirl Sun 31-Oct-10 09:11:43

Mine goes up the day the children break up from school, so usually about a week before Christmas.

Any time earlier than December is totally mad imo.

SuePurblybilt Sun 31-Oct-10 10:02:41

I am too Meglet - my trees have always coped with small children, kittens, wagging tails (death to low baubles grin) etc. Do your children climb them?

lissieloucifer Sun 31-Oct-10 10:10:02

1st weekend of december here too, I start wrapping presents the same night.

MrsAFlowerpot Sun 31-Oct-10 10:14:56

Ours always goes up on the idea why, but that was the date mine used to go up when I was littles, so we've stuck to that!

jemimap Sun 31-Oct-10 12:17:28

Christmas eve... a family tradition..

notagrannyyet Sun 31-Oct-10 16:43:52

My 15 year old wanted to go into the loft today to get the decorations out, because it's the 1st November tomorrow!!!??

DH puts the outside lights up in early December......they are very 'tasteful', I promise.

The inside stuff is usually the weekend before. We all veto DH who insists that the tree should be 'dressed' on Christmas Eve.

Joolyjoolyjoo Sun 31-Oct-10 16:45:39

Already??? WE usually put ours up 12 days before Christmas (or as near us), take it down on 12th night. I KNOW the 12 days before isn't right/ traditional, but I just couldn't wait until Christmas Eve

whomovedmychocolate Sun 31-Oct-10 16:47:18

Last weekend in November here. In our defence we go on holiday in December so Christmas is rather protracted and odd.

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