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I need an elf!

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wahwahwah Thu 28-Oct-10 14:02:49

I tell DS:
"The Christmas Elf is coming. He lives here for a few weeks before Christmas and reports back to Santa. He gets up to all sorts of tricks at night - moving things around, leaving sugary footprints on the table, nibbling biscuits and leaving them in the kitchen..."

"So when is he coming mummy?"

When mummy can get a toy elf from the shop. But can I find one? I keep telling DS "he's on his way. Probably got a bit lost."

Has anyone seen any toy elves around? The only one I saw was an Selfridges andit was really creepy looking (more for adults I think). Would a garden gnome do?

webwiz Thu 28-Oct-10 14:11:33

How about this one: /B003V18G9M/ref=sr_1_2?s=kids&ie=UTF8&qid=12882713 85&sr=1-2

wahwahwah Thu 28-Oct-10 14:49:14

Elves wear stripy trousers and have green or red coats. They have pointy ears and hats with bells on.

webwiz Thu 28-Oct-10 15:09:24

Well I did knit my elves a few years ago and they have stripey trousers but I have no idea where I got the pattern from. Shop bought ones seem to be a bit elusive though.

wahwahwah Thu 28-Oct-10 15:14:47

Selfridges has white bunnies with pink fluffy boas in the Christmas department - but elves?

staryeyed Thu 28-Oct-10 15:21:22

Would also like an elf. Very hard to find.

lissieloucifer Thu 28-Oct-10 15:22:51

i tell ds that the elves hide from us. you know theyve been here because they (as you said) move things and eat biscuits. but father christmas doesnt let them be seen by humans, just like FC isnt allowed to be seen by us on christmas night.

wahwahwah Thu 28-Oct-10 16:00:18

I have seen nice ones on Amazon US site - but they will cost £26 to send over here!

chimchARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH Thu 28-Oct-10 16:04:00

gorgeous elves! but the saleis only for the handy with a knitting needle or two?

chimchARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH Thu 28-Oct-10 16:05:02


webwiz Thu 28-Oct-10 16:07:12

Oooh they're the ones I've knitted - I've got two that live on the kitchen windowsill each year.

chimchARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH Thu 28-Oct-10 16:07:18

from the states...

RememberToPlaywiththeKids Fri 29-Oct-10 09:12:58

oooh we have an elf on the shelf too - MIL brought it over one year. He also leaves a little note with something fun and Christmassy to do that day....

He needs a damn good vacuum if i remember rightly hmm

staryeyed Fri 29-Oct-10 12:27:17

I bought one from ebay this 93316101&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT was about £15.

soremummy Fri 29-Oct-10 14:33:13

I knitted the one that was linked to from the alan dart pattern last year and shes eagerly awaiting his return although every time we buy her a book or some clothes shes says cyril magic elf brought it grin shes only 3.5yrs old

berryjingles Sun 31-Oct-10 08:51:52

I got this boy elf, he has been coming in and out of stock, may come back in soon. 82658367&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT

I also got the girl, they're selling them togther now. l-XMAS-NEW-Soft-Toys-/130441574259?pt=UK_Soft_Toys _Bears&hash=item1e5eec7773

Here's my elves blog.

Happy elf hunting! x

frazzled74 Mon 01-Nov-10 00:32:31

elves are magic, you will probably never see one but you will see evidence of them if you look, crumbs on worksurfaces, dollshouse furniture moved around, the odd toy car may drive across the bedroom overnight!!!

lissieloucifer Mon 01-Nov-10 13:33:11

ds saw one hiding in the gumball machine at the bowling alley last week. he was being a brat bit naughty, so I pointed out Gina to him and he saw her hat!

DreamTeamGirl Mon 01-Nov-10 14:13:05

Play mobil one? EL-NEW-2010-/370450071328?pt=UK_Toys_Creative_Educ ational_RL&hash=item56408b7f20

DreamTeamGirl Mon 01-Nov-10 14:49:43

Oooh what about this stocking holder

wahwahwah Thu 04-Nov-10 15:04:11

That is very very creepy looking! Off to Harrods tomorrow in last-ditch attempt to locate a gnome!

ElfCrazy Fri 07-Dec-12 12:11:29

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