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Nerf guns. What to start with?

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fartmeistergeneral Wed 27-Oct-10 08:53:22

For 12yo boy?

ragged Wed 27-Oct-10 10:36:38

What's your budget?
Advice here from nearly 11yo DS:
Raida (30 quid) he says is the single one he'd choose if you want to get only one.
2nd best would be the Recon Full Firepower without the Barrel (20 quid).

Sad that he knows this off by heart, ain't it?! My tip: Try to get a pack of spare bullets (only an extra fiver or so). They disappear very quickly!

Sainsbury's had the line on for 25% off recently.

ragged Wed 27-Oct-10 12:23:51

Recon model you can add bits onto (so fun to build it up).
Funnest thing to do with these is to get at least a pair so that your DS can play with his siblings or mates. DS says the Deploy is probably the best (20 quid each, or 45 with a single spare bullets pack), fast firing, easy reload, not very far range (but that's a good thing, methinks!). He said more, but my brain ran out space to recall.

fartmeistergeneral Wed 27-Oct-10 15:38:08

lol! Very helpful thanks ragged, will go and investigate!

adsaz Wed 27-Oct-10 21:59:28

hiya , whatever you decide on please dont get the nerf vulcan, (way pricey and break very easily as imo they have a design flaw)
we had to return 2 then gave up when the 3rd one broke aswell.
read up on the internet after and there are loads of cases the same, wish we had seen it first as wouldnt have had an upset ds on christmas day angry
my son has several of these and thats the only one that has broke but they do tend to jam the bullets on firing.
his favourite gun though is actually made by air zone and is the punisher gatling gun, never had any problems with it and was actually cheaper than nerf ones the only downside is that they fire further.
i definately second getting 2 of them our house is frequently turned into a warzone and they always seem to have a lot of fun.

sorry for the essay but after spending almost £50 on a toy that broke 5 minutes after being out of the box i hate the thought of someone else being suckered into buying one.

fartmeistergeneral Wed 27-Oct-10 22:49:56

thanks, very helpful! My only worry is the inevitable losing of the ammo. My two will probably lose them all within 5 mins.

Whippet Wed 24-Nov-10 15:48:49

Can I revive this thread...

Am looking at these for the DSs (11 & 8)... lots on Amazon, but I'm very confused..

- Do they all use the same 'bullet' things?
- Are some guns better than others?
- Do they all 'stick' to the vests, or do some have am electronic scoring device (or have I imagined this.. is that a different product)?

notanewmember Wed 24-Nov-10 20:42:14

there are 3 different types of bulletts (Orange tip/black tip and whistlers), some guns can take more than 1 type.

ds has one that needs batteries and one that doesn't need batterie;stampede and the uh [shoutsa at ds] CS35..

don't know about the vests, there are 2 types I think and I think I have ordered the stick on for ds, for Xmas...

gosh, feel a real expert now

warning: our whole house is full of bullets, on the floor, in bed, sofa etc etc, cushions etc are on the floor as well as "barricades"...

rampantrunner Tue 07-Feb-17 13:27:38

the N-Strike Mega Magnus is a pretty cool blaster. It can store upto 3 darts (ammo) and is really easy to use!

The darts can get confusing as this one only takes "Mega" darts but a good place to get info on the different types is this place:

Hope this helps

rampantrunner Tue 07-Feb-17 13:28:41

forgot to add the link to the Magnus, sorry blush

PleasantPhesant Tue 07-Feb-17 13:31:53

Ramp this is 7 years old.....

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