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pandora bracelets.....advice please[smile]

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oksonowwhat Wed 27-Oct-10 00:29:21

Want to buy my daughters pandora braclets for Christmas. I think they both need different sizes and i also wondered if i need to buy the divider things or just put the beads/charms on?
Any advice anyone could give me would be lovely, thank you!

chandra Wed 27-Oct-10 00:32:39

My one and only advice is... don't get them.

With charms starting at £23, the full bracelet will end up costing easily far more than £500. Having said that, I have seen one containing £7500 of charms, it didn't look as nice as the price may suggest.

BellasFormerFriend Wed 27-Oct-10 00:37:50

I agree with Chandra, two of my dds have them and they have not touched them since last christmas. Too expensive for day wear and not enough for night wear. I am sure they will appreciate them when they have dc of their own and look back....well that is what I am telling myself anyway!

oksonowwhat Wed 27-Oct-10 00:38:53

oh no! I was hoping this wouldn't be too expensive! Don't even know how much the starting bracelets are yet......can't i just buy one and put a few charms on and let them collect them over birthdays etc., or isn't that the idea!? Thankssmile

AnyFuleKno Wed 27-Oct-10 00:39:33

don't get them, they are naff, overpriced, and cumbersome to wear

chandra Wed 27-Oct-10 00:41:03

A bracelet and a few charms (like 3 or 4) may well be about £200. And as Bellas has said, it doesn't even look good at that stage.

oksonowwhat Wed 27-Oct-10 00:46:17

oh dear now i've got a problem as i kind of suggested the idea and they really liked the it!!

Bella did you give them to your dds with all the charms on so that bracelet was complete?

Thank you all for your input.....don't know what to do now!!!!

ooooozathon Wed 27-Oct-10 00:50:26

I know they're expensive, but they appeal to the magpie in me! I love them and want one myself for Christmas from DH blush

I would say although they look suitable for children, they are expensive.

You could get them the leather starter bracelets, they are pretty, fashionable and cheaper than the silver ones. Get one charm each that they choose themselves and then it's up to them to save for more or get for birthdays etc.

Leather bracelet is £35 compared to silver at £55, and charms start from £15.

Thomas Sabo charm bracelets are a bit cheaper and more aimed at younger people, but brand is all with teens so check first.

BellasFormerFriend Wed 27-Oct-10 00:51:38

I (well my mother) gave them with two charms each with the bracelet and their friends clubbed together and got the another two each. In theory they will get another each christmas but, surprise surprise, this Christmas they have not asked for another - even when given the book and asked if there were any they liked sad

Both girls wanted them more than anything else last year!

ooooozathon Wed 27-Oct-10 00:57:07

Monica Vinader bracelets are nice too, they don't need charms but are still pretty and fashionable, but won't require constant investment.

Or another option is the Links of London friendship bracelets which look really gorgeous in the flesh. I loooveee these grin

frazzled74 Wed 27-Oct-10 08:41:34 s_beads.htm

not pandora, but you could add more expensive charms over time, buy one get one free as well.

frazzled74 Wed 27-Oct-10 08:43:03


thisiswhataluv Wed 27-Oct-10 08:50:21

the pandora silver bracelets are priced @ £55,
charms £17+
dividers £12+

you dont really need the dividers but they lok nice with them on... each bracelet has space for 2 can also get a safety chain when the bracelet has a few charms..

if i were you i would get them a bracelet and 2 charms each...maybe there initial or something...
some of the charms are quite significant and mean different things. so they are nice to build up over the years...birthdays,ocassions etc...

ZENZIZENZIZENZIC Wed 27-Oct-10 09:40:57

I was bought my bracelet for my birthday, by my friend.

I love it, I have been given charms that mean something(although all of mine will be silver/clear stones, so neutral).

My sister and my friend want one now - my sister the more casual leather one and my friend, the same as mine.

I intend to get DD one when she is old enough and let her collect charms, I think it's something she'll appreciate.

Great seller on Ebay from Australia who sells them more cheaply than the shops. charming something (can look up complete name if anyone wanted me too).

I have the safety chain and two clips, the clips stop the charms moving too far when you only have a small few (I have 3 at the moment). I would rather the clips than the safety chain.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 27-Oct-10 09:42:41

I think these things are the height of chav chic, tbh.

Overpriced tat which looks like it came from the market.

QuoththeRaven Wed 27-Oct-10 09:56:33

why dont you consider getting a normal charm bracelet. I got one for my birthday last year from DH and wear it all the time. Bracelet was about £20 (silver) and charms come in between £5 and £10 you can get charms for them in most jewellery stores (even past times have them) or online where i get mine. Can be more personal and i think it will become something i can pass to my daughter (or start one for my daughter)

Had it for a year and a half, have 5 charms and still looks good even though not full.

here is where i usually get mine.

Pandora are waaay too expensive and even though they are popular now, i dont think they will be around forever (i.e. buying in far off future)

ZENZIZENZIZENZIC Wed 27-Oct-10 09:57:13

Alas I must be a big chav sad

curlycat Wed 27-Oct-10 14:08:06

i can't do links but the charms4you website does pandora style bracelets very cheaply. my dd is 10 and wants one as well and i'm just not willing to spend a fortune on it.
She got the nomination style one from there last year and loves it and now has a full bracelet of charms which we are not terrified to let her wear incase she loses it.

oksonowwhat Fri 29-Oct-10 00:18:15

Thank you all so much for your views and advice.

Zenzi..I would love that ebay name if you can remember it pleasesmile

My daughters are late teens, not little ones so i know they will appreciate the bracelets, most of their friends have them already and i have kind of put them off for a few years!

Yes, i think i will go for a bracelet each and two charms, then let them add as they go.

So do you think the clips are necessary then? Should i get a clip each do you think? Also, are the safety chains essential?

Thank you again!

WhyHavePets Fri 29-Oct-10 00:21:37

Mine are teens too!

Anway, the clips do make them look nicer and I would say that anything that price deserves a safety chain if you can possibly run to it! Hope they love them smile

ZENZIZENZIZENZIC Fri 29-Oct-10 04:16:40

There you go ok

I think they will love them smile

I gave my sister her leather one today (well yesterday now!) for her birthday, she was delighted with it.

The clips definitely do make them look more complete until you get more charms.
They also stop the charms moving too far which would be more important if you had the glass ones I guess?
There are two rungs on the bracelet, so two would be needed.

As WhyHavePets says it is a good idea to have a safety chain, even along the line it would be something to consider. The catch is very sturdy though.

SandyisinCaldwell Sat 30-Oct-10 22:09:25

I have one and love it - the kids love to pick a new charm for my birthday and christmas which is great for me. I too have safety chain for extra security.

nappyaddict Sun 31-Oct-10 15:06:06

You can get cheap Pandora stuff from here

SandyisinCaldwell Sun 31-Oct-10 16:18:23

Nappyaddict: these are not real Pandora beads and are based in Hong Kong.

tefal Sun 31-Oct-10 18:34:17

I must be a chav too.

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