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share your online shop webites for cool and quirky things please!!

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chimchARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH Sun 24-Oct-10 09:58:34

just saw a lovely one on the mario thread
here (thanks lastyearsmodel!)

anyone got any other gems?

pecanpie Sun 24-Oct-10 18:08:28 - started by my sister's friend. There are some really lovely things on the site and she does weekly special offers which you can sign up for.

lifeinagoldfishbowl Sun 24-Oct-10 18:10:56

Got some cool stuff in the sale. Including

Hangman cup
Soldier egg and soldiers cup
Goldfish bin bags

CherryMonstersUnderTheBed Sun 24-Oct-10 18:14:33

pecanpie- have bookmarked that site, it looks fabulous

MisSalLaneous Sun 24-Oct-10 18:22:09

Octopus have some cool things.

chimchARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH Sun 24-Oct-10 19:06:17

fab! thanks

[off virtual shopping emoticon]

Faaamily Sun 24-Oct-10 19:34:06

Hawkin's Bazaaar for stocking fillers

LadyLatherOfIndecision Sun 24-Oct-10 19:42:26

I hardly dare to share this, a wonderful shop and website

check out the cool lego storage and quirky bird feeders and and and just loads of lovely stuff

MisSalLaneous Sun 24-Oct-10 19:45:35

Oh LadyLather, that is a fab website! Off to spend money look in more detail.

zam72 Sun 24-Oct-10 19:56:29

I love this one - but they are rather pricey (I'd love someone to buy me lots of stuff from there!) 2AodanEI1A

Always find things that aren't typically on the high street here for kids - never bought from there though


SuePurblybilt Sun 24-Oct-10 20:00:09

ooo, back here after XF.

Thicky question - how do I bookmark? I generally just add to favourites. Which is better?

taffetawitchescat Sun 24-Oct-10 20:58:14

I love refound objects

they have some gorgeous Christmas decorations

also love Sarah Raven

Rindercella Sun 24-Oct-10 21:02:31

I love Bohemian Design. Wide range of products, including fashion, homeware, nice smellies and children's stuff.

icapturethecastle Sun 24-Oct-10 21:14:11

Quite expensive but has lovely things Couverture. Have been looking at all the other sites!

chimchARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH Tue 26-Oct-10 07:53:47

Thanks again everyone.

Some very lush stuff out there!

CheeeseOnToast Tue 26-Oct-10 08:00:43

There's some really lovely stuff at - a design business run by my friend. They do some gorgeous chopping boards that are really quirky, great for christmas presents.

PartialToACupOfMilo Tue 26-Oct-10 23:27:37 and both do lovely things. I bought some beautiful moroccan style leather slippers from there and also a wooden stool which still has nowhere to really live in our tiny terraced house, but which I love anyway grin

PartialToACupOfMilo Tue 26-Oct-10 23:30:31

Am I missing something? The lovely stuff site is indeed lovely, but I can only see a few things [hconfused] Is there a secret (or possibly obvious...) way of seeing the rest, or is it just a few select items that they sell?

CheeeseOnToast Wed 27-Oct-10 07:54:22

Partial - they only have a small selection at the moment, they've just launched. They'll have more added in the next few months smile

CherryMonstersUnderTheBed Wed 27-Oct-10 13:46:16

higgo's is great for christmas here

LynetteScavo Wed 27-Oct-10 14:01:23

I have to have these!

pickledbabe Wed 27-Oct-10 14:04:17

my website's got lots of cool books and things on.
but i'm not allowed to tell you what it is becaase i'd be advertising myself.

but if someone who has shopped there wants to recommend me, I'd be very happy smile

CherryMonstersUnderTheBed Wed 27-Oct-10 14:16:26

lynette- they're fab arent they

CerealOffender Wed 27-Oct-10 14:24:59

folksy and etsy have lots of lovely stuff

LynetteScavo Wed 27-Oct-10 15:16:27

pickledbab, I really want to see your website. Can't you whistper it in my ear, and if I think it's cool I can post a link?

I like cox and cox

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