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Best Santa visit in South West?

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Mylittlebubble Wed 13-Oct-10 20:32:04

Thinking of booking a big Santa visit for DD 2 and 9 months.

I am thinking of booking the Longleat Santa train ride. Has anyine doen it before? Is it worth the money? Or is there something better in the South West?

LauraNorder Wed 13-Oct-10 20:34:47

I have also been recommended the Longleat one but I have never been myself. I will watch this thread with interest.

Mylittlebubble Thu 14-Oct-10 07:03:29


AngryPixie Thu 14-Oct-10 08:59:51

Painshill Park, magical walk through the torch lit park to meet Santa in the caves.


AngryPixie Thu 14-Oct-10 09:00:23

But, not really south West blush sorry

CherryMonstersUnderTheBed Thu 14-Oct-10 12:45:30

the one in beechwood place in cheltenham last year was fantastic, as was the one in cheltenham brewery the year before.

cathers Thu 14-Oct-10 14:03:14

We did the longleaf one two years ago. It was bloody freezing!
You get in one of those little open carriages and have a short train journey which takes you to the grotto. We then had to queue up outside for 20 mins in the rain to see Santa and then wait for everyone else to see him before going back on the carriage.

The grotto was lovely and good presents and I would imagine if the weather was good, it would be fab. However, on a wet winters day, in the open for an hour with young kids, it was not pleasant. The youngest was crying with cold and was really quite a miserable day out!

We now do the Santa by train trip on the south Devon railway which is beautiful in an old steam train across dartmoor

Whocantakeasunrise Thu 14-Oct-10 19:58:49

Poole Park for the last few years has had a fantastic one, trip on train, real reindeer, rabbits, donkeys, turkeys, then fantastic santa, who takes the time to chat.

Giddyup Fri 15-Oct-10 10:12:35

Santa in Poole park has the broadest Poole accent I have ever heard! Swanage steam railway is lovely apparently as is Breakfast with Santa at Compton acres.

Whocantakeasunrise Fri 15-Oct-10 19:00:16

Swanage one - wrap up very well, it's very cold on that train.

Marne Fri 15-Oct-10 21:01:32

We might be doing longleat this year, i know a few people who went last year and they said it was great.

Tikkabillajive Sun 31-Oct-10 01:17:31

Sorry, am resurrecting an old-ish thread here but has anyone been to the Santa grotto at Bristol zoo?

In the past we've done Brokerswood, which was a bit disappointing! Best one though was in the Podium shopping centre in Bath - but they don't do it every year.

The south Devon railway sounds lovely!

Fryib Sun 31-Oct-10 06:20:22

there is also ment to be a lovely train and santa visit at Bishops Lydiard, Taunton.
Went when I was a child, and its still on now, mum and dads even get a mince pie and a sherry!! lol

leah99 Wed 08-Dec-10 15:25:31

a garden centre nr bournemouth has a train ride through a magical forest, meant to be lovely, nr the airport (west parley)

we have done the swanage one a few times, always a great experience

poole park is meant to be really good you get a lot for your money, but its expensive when u have more than 1 child

think we might stick to the grotto at the school fare this year ;p

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