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thisiswhataluv Tue 05-Oct-10 18:28:37

we have had our fibreoptic one for about 3 year and its looking tacky grin
im on the lookout ofr a 5-6 ft tree, however i dont want a real xmas tree- too messy grin
can anyone suggest any nice trees to me...

JustKeepSwimming Tue 05-Oct-10 18:31:11

Ooh me too! our ancient 5ft one is falling apart and been shipped around the world including truck accidents.

DH has resisted but now says i can get a new one, yey!! And i've measured, we can fit a 7ft one, so any tips gratefully received

thisiswhataluv Tue 05-Oct-10 18:36:06

are you wanting fibre optic or plain one to decorate?

Tippychoocks Tue 05-Oct-10 18:38:39

I am going to do the MN thing of reading your post and deciding that I know better than you and can tell you what you actually want...... grin

But, if you get a spruce or similar then they can stay up for a month with no needle drop.

If not then John Lewis grin

domeafavour Tue 05-Oct-10 18:41:38

i got mine from here, love it

thisiswhataluv Tue 05-Oct-10 18:42:19

i v never been keen on the real deal as --i cba to pick up the needles-- they are too messy and needles get everywhere,my friend once found one in her bra hmm
god knows what she had been doing grin

thisiswhataluv Tue 05-Oct-10 18:44:25

domeafavour have saved that site in my faves to check out later... may make a drunken random purchase tonight grinout of noseiness curiosity what one do you have ?

lizziemun Tue 05-Oct-10 18:58:00

Just marking my place.

I want am looking for a 6ft tree which is narrow as room is small.

thisiswhataluv Tue 05-Oct-10 19:01:43

i got my fibre one from
here havent got much this year though sad

domeafavour Tue 05-Oct-10 19:02:56

actually don't think they have the exact one, but this is similar

they will probably have more closer to Christmas

tefal Tue 05-Oct-10 19:36:42

I've just bought a 7 ft slim tree from next directory. £50.

thisiswhataluv Tue 05-Oct-10 20:36:29

i love this tree but for the tree and baubles and lights and them lovely butterflys it comes to £124 shock

JustKeepSwimming Tue 05-Oct-10 22:02:03

I like the links thanks but am a bit shock at the prices. It's so long (& a different country) since we bought our tree that i hadn't realised how expensive they were!

Had a real tree (£40) years ago, was lovely, but the needles were not, and with 2 small boys & 2 playful cats i do not want to relive that experience

Any cheaper places for trees?

girlywhirly Wed 06-Oct-10 10:02:25

Justkeepswimming, which country are you in at the moment? Otherwise trees we recommend may not be available for international delivery.

I have a 'Dunhill fir' by the National Tree Company (american firm, but bought in England from Van Hages garden centre, this will be its' 9th Christmas) You can see what it looks like at It is quite realistic looking as the 'needles' are more bristly and quite bushy. The stand is sturdy, and even our cat climbing it hasn't overbalanced it. Ours is about 165cm tall. It was £59.99 nine years ago, and I think it's been worth every penny.

You may be able to get one from an independent garden centre, I'd recommend seeing a tree on display before you decide rather than risk disappointment.

JustKeepSwimming Wed 06-Oct-10 11:50:34

Girly - you are right i think i would prefer to see it first, I'm in the UK but bought our current one in Botswana years ago

Your one sounds good though, but maybe i need to trawl round the garden centres.

JustKeepSparkling Wed 10-Nov-10 11:39:58

OK, the hunt is on properly now, as more places have stock in.

I have decided ideally I'd like a 7ft pre-lit green tree, not slimline.

Only problem is, i can't find one in stock that isn't £££.

My FIL gets a discount at B&Q but they don't have one i fancy, best option there is a 6ft pre-it one for £69 (- discount).

Keep finding nes i like that are out of stock already

Otherwise, lowest price I can find is £114 which does seem excessive but maybe not as I don't need to buy new lights 'forever' (how long do LEDs last???).

Any ideas?

thisiswhataluv Wed 10-Nov-10 18:33:00

i gave in in the end and bought the pre lit one at next and all the bits with it grin

JustKeepSparkling Wed 10-Nov-10 18:36:02

Sounds good

I emailed DH and said how about this one and he said go for it.

So it is ordered & I've just got an email saying it's been shipped. Gotta love internet shopping grin

thisiswhataluv Wed 10-Nov-10 20:02:14

nice, mil has ordered a pre lit off ebay, may well be that one smile

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