Santa talks to your child through a video from the northpole

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luciemule Sun 03-Oct-10 14:49:13

Hi Everyone,

Check out this cool website.

portable north pole

I did it last year for my two and they thought it was really cool.

You tell santa all the details about what each of your kids wants for xmas, their name, upload picture of child etc and then you get the full video to your child via email. It really looks as though santa has recorded it espeically for your child.

You have to be careful the kids don't see you putting in the details and also, if you do it for more than one child, it's best to show them separately as older kids will realise that some of the things he says are identical for everyone.

Easy to make though and looks quite authentic to the kids.

BuzzingNoise Sun 03-Oct-10 17:15:48

it's not up and running yet, but you can put your email address in to get a reminder when it's good to go.

onadietcokebreak Sun 03-Oct-10 17:17:28

Thank you! We did this last year and DS liked it but this year he will LOVE it!

Narketta Sun 03-Oct-10 17:18:42

We did this for our DC last year and they loved it.

I've also found a santa tracker thats up and running from the 1st of December.

Narketta Sun 03-Oct-10 17:20:30

Santa tracker

pigleychez Wed 06-Oct-10 10:02:20

We did this last year for my DD, She loved it!

This year she will be 2.5 at xmas and understands so much more so will def be doing it again. Its fab and free!! grin

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