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the free christmas goody bag!!

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PandaEis Fri 01-Oct-10 00:51:18


this is the link for the free goody bag thats meant to be worth £20

its free but you pay postage smile

Bumperlicious Fri 01-Oct-10 00:58:21

Any catch?

PandaEis Fri 01-Oct-10 01:13:08

dont think so... i got one last year and it had some DVDs, books and stocking fillers in it postage is £3.45 but the same however many you order (i got 2 this year smile) i gave some of the older things as presents aswell so it was useful! not worth the £20 but worth more than the cost of the postage smile

tefal Fri 01-Oct-10 08:42:36

I've ordered. Will see what we get this year.

cherrymonster Sat 02-Oct-10 12:11:01

also ordered. 2 boy and 2 girl for 13.40 postage. will be exciting to see whats in them

asouthwoldmummy Sat 02-Oct-10 14:03:37

Just ordered a boys one, looking forward to see what's in it!

Tortoise Sat 02-Oct-10 14:09:49

What sort of age are they aimed at?
Just wondering if worth paying out 4x postage for them as i have 2 boys and 2 girls.

Blatherskite Sat 02-Oct-10 14:40:58

I was thinking about getting some and then breaking them down to make party bags for DD's birthday in late December? Most of the children will be 4-ish. Would that work?

simpson Sat 02-Oct-10 18:24:41

I have ordered one of each.

If the things in the girls bag are too old for her (she is 2) we have quite a few birthday parties before Xmas so hopefully will have things in it for a couple of pressies...

TheLifeOfRiley Sat 02-Oct-10 18:31:49

Thanks have ordered one for DS.

StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Oct-10 18:35:27

why do they do this?

MollieO Sat 02-Oct-10 18:45:17

I assume they get your address details to add to a marketing database which they can sell.

StealthPolarBear Sat 02-Oct-10 19:27:46

oh of course blush

tootiredtothink Sun 03-Oct-10 12:59:25

Ordered one last year which was v good. Year before I think I left it too late so got the dregs hmm.

Worth a go for £3.

tegan Sun 03-Oct-10 15:51:04

I have orderede a boys and girls. guess we will have to wait and see what they are like???

onadietcokebreak Sun 03-Oct-10 17:25:56

Anyone else had these before? Are they worth it?

readinginsteadnow Sun 03-Oct-10 17:36:43

Looking at the photo, I'd say yes they are worth the postage. But, its all a bit random, and nothing is substantial enough to give for presents when you get invited to a party iyswim. I did get one of these one yr, but I'm sure it wasnt from that company <racking brains to think where from> and it was lucky that it was full of stuff the kids liked!

onadietcokebreak Sun 03-Oct-10 17:48:19

Have ordered two- 1` boys and 1 girls......fingers crossed. Thanks OP

SweetGrapes Mon 04-Oct-10 10:54:06

Have ordered 2 - 1 girl and 1 boy. Lets see what comes...

thehat Mon 04-Oct-10 21:22:25

Thanks - i've given it a go too.

ilove Thu 04-Nov-10 14:35:46

Anyone received theirs yet because I haven't

CherryRocketMonster Thu 04-Nov-10 14:37:22

neither have i.

LadyInPink Thu 04-Nov-10 14:45:43

Those of you who have bought these before, do you get about 8-10 items or just 3-4? Also when you order does it ask for the age of your DC. I have a DD aged 6.4 and wondered if it would suit her?

TIA smile

PandaEisIsLookingForwardToXmas Thu 04-Nov-10 15:38:34

you get a mixture of age suitable things AFAIRemembersmile

they dont get sent out until late november i think so we should get them soonsmile

zipzap Sat 13-Nov-10 21:55:03

Anybody ordered the adult ones to know if they are any good?

I'd also like to know approx number of items that turn up in each bag - and if I order 2 will they be identical or different (I have 2 ds so not sure if they need one each or can share)


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