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Married at 16. AMA.

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baconbits Sat 10-Oct-20 15:32:12

I got married at sixteen. I know this is a controversial topic so if you'd like to - AMA.

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HaggisBurger Sat 10-Oct-20 15:46:43

What age are you now? Are you still married?

baconbits Sat 10-Oct-20 15:48:44

I'm 18 and still married! Obviously not an extended time period, but all is going well so far. Still holding out hope that it'll work out!

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SirVixofVixHall Sat 10-Oct-20 15:50:38

How old is your husband , and why did your parents agree ?

baconbits Sat 10-Oct-20 15:52:20

Husband is 21! I live in a country where you can legally get married at 16 without parental consent (I guess that really narrows down where I might be from grin) so they didn't necessarily have to agree in order for things to go through.

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Brunt0n Sat 10-Oct-20 15:52:30

How old were you when you and your husband got together?
How old is he?
Are you religious?

... why?!

baconbits Sat 10-Oct-20 15:54:09

I was a few weeks away from my 16th birthday and he was a few days past his 19th birthday. Neither of us are religious!

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ProudAuntie76 Sat 10-Oct-20 15:55:36

How did your parents react?

Why didn’t you wait a few years?

Brunt0n Sat 10-Oct-20 15:55:37

Not how old were you when you got married - how old were you when you got together? With a 3 year age gap he was presumably a legal adult having a relationship with a child?

kissmysass Sat 10-Oct-20 15:55:37

So you were married within a year or getting together?

maxelly Sat 10-Oct-20 15:55:57

If it wasn't for religious reasons, why did you want to be married as opposed to just being boyfriend and girlfriend? Do you plan on having children soon? Have you both continued your education and do you forsee any issues e.g. If one of you wanted to go to uni in a different place to the other?

Brunt0n Sat 10-Oct-20 15:56:03

Were you pregnant?

Whatthebloodyell Sat 10-Oct-20 15:56:55

What are your future plans? Are you going to uni? Do you plan a family soon?

BestestBrownies Sat 10-Oct-20 15:57:12

Why did you feel the need to marry so quickly? Why not just be together and marry in a few years when the relationship is more solid/tested?

MadameBlobby Sat 10-Oct-20 15:58:04

Are you a traveller? Sorry I don’t mean that to be offensive, I just know they have a tradition of marrying young x

SirVixofVixHall Sat 10-Oct-20 15:58:36

I have remembered that in Scotland you can marry at 16 without parental permission.

baconbits Sat 10-Oct-20 16:00:35

Parents thought it was fine, they liked him as a person. Didn't wait because we felt it was the right time, and I knew that his morality wasn't dependent on his feelings of love (e.g. he would still be a kind person even if we divorced).

We "got together" a month before my 16th, but kept it very PG until my birthday.

Yes, we got married within a year of getting together - pretty crazy but it felt right.

We wanted to get married because it felt right and we're both keen on being a family unit (which for us personally was quite traditional, I guess). I'm planning children in a few years, but I have goals I'd like to pursue first. He has had a full-time job all the time we've been together, and I'm in the process of getting a degree.

I was not pregant, no!

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baconbits Sat 10-Oct-20 16:01:21

Not a traveller! No religious / cultural elements involved smile

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baconbits Sat 10-Oct-20 16:02:13

(sorry I'm not tagging anyone, typing fast and lots of people have quite similar questions!) x

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maxelly Sat 10-Oct-20 16:04:10

So if you got together amonth before your 16th birthday, and then got married a few weeks after your 16th birthday, you'd been together what, 7 weeks when you got married? And your parents are cool with it? Interesting decision-making there but good luck to you grin

baconbits Sat 10-Oct-20 16:06:38

We got together about a month before my sixteenth birthday but we got married 9/10ish months after getting together. Sorry if I made it unclear!

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gingerbreadfox Sat 10-Oct-20 16:06:46

Was it a big wedding?

baconbits Sat 10-Oct-20 16:08:31

Not a big wedding no- most of our money was going to living expenses / other priorities so we had a very small wedding with two witnesses. I always thought the idea of a big wedding wasn't for me though, so I guess that played a part too!

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NameChange84 Sat 10-Oct-20 16:08:50

How did you pay for the wedding?

Did you live together before marriage?

Do you own your own place and contribute to the household equally?

SenselessUbiquity Sat 10-Oct-20 16:10:32

Did you take his name?
what do your friends think? (and did any of them get engaged?)
What do you mean by "the right time"?
what age did your mum get married?

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