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I'm a midwife who works in abortion care. AMA

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GlitteryPoopooplop Tue 23-Apr-19 19:58:58

Go ahead. I'll try and answer everything the best way I can. Sorry if this is boring (I love my job and can go on about it a bit.)!

ChocChocButtons Mon 13-May-19 15:59:41

I personally wouldn’t ever have one unless medical. I’m pro choice but I have limits but their my personal limits and I’m not about judging people who’s circumstances I’ve no idea about.

I’m just glad their are lovely people out there like you supporting women who find themselves in this situation. X

GlitteryPoopooplop Sun 19-May-19 13:07:00

You mentioned that you see the woman on her own and then admit whoever is accompanying her so that you can be sure she is not being forced into an abortion - if it turns out that she is, how can you safeguard her?

It varies depending on the situation. We have safeguarding forms which are designed to ask more details about what's going on with the client. We have have the police in before, in extreme circumstances. We have access to women's aid etc etc.

Tensun15 Mon 27-May-19 16:49:10

Is it too early to have a surgical abortion at 4 weeks? And do you think having a local anthestic is painful or ok... also can the coil be fitted at the same time? Thankyou

Fixmygarden Tue 28-May-19 10:51:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GlitteryPoopooplop Tue 28-May-19 11:12:02

@tensun15 It depends, 4 weeks isn't possible to see on scan generally, unless you mean 4 weeks since conception (which would be 6 weeks pregnant). You can definitely elect to have surgical abortion early, as long as its been confirmed by scan. It's slightly more complicated before 7 weeks because the pregnancy is so small so the dr just has to do some extra checks.

We put coils in at the same time as surgical abortion, in fact it's a great time to have one put in.

Local anesthetic really depends on the person. It's very very quick (5 or 10 minutes) so lots of people are fine, but also, some people find it terrible, and struggle to cope. Usually clients feel fine within an hour or so after the procedure.

Tensun15 Tue 28-May-19 11:47:45

@GlitteryPoopooplop I am at a Nupas now. Waiting for my consultation. Due to having a lletz last year they say I might need to have it under GA.

Will know more after the consultation.. but might also have to come back if internal scan doesn't show clearly .

Thankyou for getting back to me x

GlitteryPoopooplop Tue 28-May-19 15:16:00

Good luck. Let us know how you get on. X

Tensun15 Tue 28-May-19 18:57:39

@GlitteryPoopooplop I have to go back in 2 weeks as the scan didn't show . All the ladies I saw today were really lovely and helpful. Due to the lletz I will have to have a GA so will carry on as normal (well try) until then.

Also I will be having the coil

Thankyou x

TurquoiseTurtles Thu 30-May-19 07:40:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maybeitsjustmeor Thu 30-May-19 07:54:46

I had an abortion at 14 after being raped. Worst experience of my life I remember fainting and I was walked back to my room with my Robe open so everyone saw the back of me naked but they didn't care.

Was so painful didn't realise how painful it would be.

Maybeitsjustmeor Thu 30-May-19 07:56:55

I'm glad there's people like you doing this job it must be so hard. I was 12 to 14 weeks so had like the tablets inserted with a tampon was really hard.

TurquoiseTurtles Thu 30-May-19 08:07:42

@Maybeitsjustmeor I'm so so sorry you had to go through that. I'm glad you felt supported.

Maybeitsjustmeor Thu 30-May-19 09:07:55

Thanks. It was a long time ago so I'm hoping things have changed a lot since then.

miamamamia Fri 31-May-19 23:42:59

Thanks for this thread OP, it's much appreciated to read how it is from a HCP point of view.

Thankfully when I had a surgical abortion aged 17 I experienced nothing but kindness from the nurses on the day of the procedure. Going under GA (I'd been referred on the NHS by sympathetic GP and after a scan showed I was 14 weeks was scolded by an aged Consultant for being so shameless as to have sex and to refrain if I didn't want a baby and that there were no options and I'd have to have the baby. Me and my mam went back to GP who was disgusted but not surprised and pointed me in the direction of BPAS (forgot to say this is early 1990's)

My dad drove me down to the private clinic, I think it was called ?Danham Lodge, in Doncaster 4 hours drive away and I had a consultation with a doctor with no nurse chaperone. I was told to completely strip naked and lie on the bed where he did a breast and vaginal examination. I remember feeling traumatised but just assumed this was the norm?

I was booked into a B&B directly opposite for the procedure to be done the next day and I remember the kindness of the landlady - obviously she'd had lots of girls/women staying previously. She gave me an alarm call next morning and on my way out the door gave my arm a squeeze and said 'you'll be fine'.

After booking in I was shown to a 4 bed bay where by we all stated why were there (voluntarily) - only lady who had an obvious bump in the bed next to me was there because she'd briefly split up from her husband and had slept with a black partner so was worried the baby would be mixed race (she was scanned and too far to have the procedure). Another was a 14 year old whose brother had made her pregnant.

My most prominent memory is the lovely nurse who held my hand going down to theatre and reassuring me, she was so kind and stroked my face and wiped the tears away and told me I WOULD be ok. I'll never forget her.

When I woke up from the GA I was crying though I don't remember it and the same nurse held my hand back to the ward. We were given a cooked meal at tea-time in a canteen style set-up and my dad picked me up the next morning. Before this my dad and I were never very close but it definitely brought us together - I'll never forget how supportive mam and dad were.

Sorry for the essay but this has brought the memories of it all back to me - and I can absolutely say, even aged 17, I absolutely did not take the decision lightly or think it was a form of birth control. I was a naive 17 year old just out of an abusive relationship where he was finally jailed for violence and stalking.

Thank God for people like you OP smile

Sieh Wed 30-Oct-19 20:26:27

Hello how many people back out of the abortion at the surgical table

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