Weddings: from bridezillas to grabby invites

weddingsWhether you're getting married yourself, are part of the bridal party or just a guest wondering if you'll get into trouble for bringing your kids, we have all the issues surrounding the modern wedding well and truly covered.

Dos and don'ts


We've amassed the wisdom of Mumsnetters from many, many wedding threads on how to have the perfect wedding that both you AND your guests will enjoy.

DIY weddings

wedding checklist

Planning a low-key wedding that doesn't require the services of a wedding planner? Mumsnetters give their advice in our definitive DIY wedding checklist.

Children at weddings

home crunches

The hot topic issue of whether or not to invite children to weddings comes up time and time again. Clearly there's no such thing as a right and a wrong answer, but here we've outlined both sides of the debate.

Bridezilla? Moi?

stressed bride

Demanded a hugely expensive hen night, compulsory group choreographed dance routine for the church or an all-pastel coloured reception? Congratulations - you've achieved Bridezilla status.

Weddings: your questions


Got a question about wedding speeches, want to know if you're unreasonable to ask for money - you name the wedding debate and you'll find it being discussed right now on the Talk boards.

Wedding style and beauty

style and beauty

From streak-free fake tanning to updos for the bride and bridesmaids, our style and beauty pages have lots of tips, tricks and tutorials to get you looking and feeling great for the big day.






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