Festival packing list

Planning what to bring to a festival can be arduous - trying to remember that neverending list of clothing, toiletries and other essentials. And that's just for you, never mind your children!

Here, you can download a PDF of what we reckon should be in your festival bag.


Festival packing checklist


Festival Swears By 

While this is by no means exhaustive, here's an at-a-glance guide to a handful of the essentials recommended by Mumsnetters. (all prices correct 16/04/14)

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(From L-R: Le Chameau, Aigle, Dunlop)

Don't even think about going to a festival without a trusty pair of wellies. Whether you want to invest in a really fabulous set that will last, go mid-range, or budget, here's three that Mumsetters recommend.

  • Le Chameau wellies from £81.99

    "My Le Chameau boots feel like they will last forever." Capitola

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  • Aigle boots from £50 

    "I have Aigle wellies, and they are the best. I wear them all day, for eight hours or more, and they are so comfortable, I wouldn't wear anything else. I walk miles in them." morethanyoubargainfor

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  • Dunlop wellies from £4.68

    "Dunlops. Sturdy, comfy, no nonsense, choice of green or black, inexpensive. Also available in half height for those who are sturdy in the calf area like me" welliesandpyjamas

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Riemanns P20, from £11.19

Nothing says "I've been outside" like a lovely all-over lobster-hue. Avoid sunburn with Reimanns P20, beloved by Mumsnetters as it lasts all day. Just be careful, as it stains white clothes. 

  • "P20 is brilliant. I won't use anything else now." Lovetatts
  • "Been using P20 for more than 10 years with my kids (and myself) and never been burnt yet." PuppyMonkey
  • "I've used P20 SPF30 for family, and it's fab. What I love is the fact you can spray it on, it glides on the skin easily, dries instantly and leaves no residue. I do this in the morning and feel so confident of coverage." bacon

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Ear defenders

Edz ear defenders, from £9.95

If you want to bring your kids to see some live music, or have any concerns there might be a bit too much noise for them to sleep, bring a pair of ear defenders. These ones come in a range of colours and are budget-friendly. 

  • "We have the Edz Kids ones and they're great - also they fold down really small when you're not using them as they sort of tuck inside the headband." scramblyegg
  • "We have the Edz ones and have been very pleased with them (and they survived DS getting them very wet)." tibni
  • "Our daughter wore these to a music festival at 5 months, and they were very effective - she slept soundly, right down the front of the audience! They were quite snug on her head, though." PipPipPip

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Dry shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo, £2.99

Even if you manage to escape for a mid-festival shower, it can be a lifesaver to have a bottle of dry shampoo in your backpack for a quick freshen up. Batiste is a bargain at only £2.99, and the secret (apparently) is to use it in short, sharp blasts. 

  • "Dare I say it, sometimes it looks even better than if you'd actually washed your hair with real shampoo." Jax123
  • "I bought some after constantly seeing it recommended and have to say I love it." Error404
  • "It's great for music festivals when you're soap-dodging." Gallicgirl

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