9 things which will immeasurably improve your family camping holiday

Mumsnetters laugh in the face of the great outdoors and show us how camping should be done with their top nine camping tricks.

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ikea bag 

1. Ikea bags

Ikea bags have many uses; holding dry clothes and a towel while you shower, carrying beach stuff or the washing up. You can even use it in the tent as a shoe bag or as a laundry bag for dirty/damp clothes and towels. 




mat2. Bathmats

Bathmats are surprisingly multi-use when it comes to camping. Not only can you use them for their desired purpose, they can keep your ground sheet moisture-free or use a cheap one as an ultra absorbant door mat that can be chucked in the washing machine when you get home for next time. 





3. Flexi bucket

These are great for carrying toys, washing up, wet clothes etc AND they double up as a handy baby bath or washing up bowl.






glowstick4. Glowsticks

Kids love them and they're easier to use than torches for little people (but don't let them chew them!). They can be hung up as night lights too, or attached around guy ropes to help you find your tent.




towel5. Hammamas towel

Hammamas are clever cotton sheets you can use for all kinds of things – sarong, towel, mat...




foam mat6. Foam mats

You can pick up foam mats really cheap from places like Aldi. They're warmer and softer than sleeping on the ground sheet, and they can be used for outdoor seating too.



wine bag7. Wine ice block

Buy a box of wine and take the metallic bag of wine out of its box. Freeze the bag for about two days – et voila! An ice block and chilled wine for the weekend.





pillow cases8. Pillow cases

Pack the childrens' clothes in pillow cases – it'll be so much easier to identify whose is whose without rummaging through bags. 




bottle9. Head torch and water bottle 

Affix a head torch to a water bottle with the light facing in for an instant camping lantern.




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