Mumsnet guide to teenage slang

Dench? Creps? If the slang your teenager uses is making you feel a bit flummoxed, you're not alone.

Using collective knowledge from the boards - and having consulted an actual teenager - we've cobbled together this rough guide to help you understand the meaning chirpsin, skeen, piff and more. So you'll be sounding like you're well and and truly down with the kids in no time.*

*this is not true


Allow it - forget something or leave it alone

Badman - thug

Bate - obvious

Bare - very or lots of

A beg/bumsuck - someone who wants to endear themselves to someone else

Beast - very good

Bless - parting word

Buff - good-looking/cool/pretty

Bun dat - dismiss something

Butters - ugly

Creps - trainers

Chirpsing - flirting

Dec - (decent) awesome

Dench - strong or immense

Fam - close friend

Gassed - happy or excited

Gwop - money

Is it? - oh really?

Jank - useless

Kushty - cool

Long - boring, repetitive or far

Melt - coward or weakling

Neg - negative

Noob - newbie

Parred - ignored

Peak - mean or hurtful

Peng - attractive

Piff - attractive

Reem - cool

Rents - parents

Safe - agreement or cool

Shook - scared

Sick - amazing, good or awesome

Sideman - someone who's out of place/agrees with everyone

Skeen - ok or understood

Stacked - woman with a great figure

Shubz or shubzing - party or partying

Trolling - fooling someone

Wasteman - idiot or fool (male)

Wastegash - idiot or fool (female)

Wavey - drunk or high

What ya sayin? - what are you doing?

YOLO - you only live once


What Mumsnetters say about teenage slang

  • I thought YOLO was short for Yo, Hello. My daughter was most unimpressed when I said to her in front of two mates "I got you that Yo, Hello top you wanted." notso
  • My daughters use owned. They also spent a whole Sunday lunchtime explaining that if somebody tells you a deeply dull anecdote you should respond with 'cool story bro', which means you've 'owned' them. Suffice to say I get 'owned' frequently. Northernlurker
  • You're bare jarring me man = you're annoying me somewhat, old chum. Natmu
  • I am in my mid-30s and I know what pretty much all of these mean, and I am aware that people have been using them 'for time'. Teens evidently need something new. OrangeFootedScrubfowl
  • 'And your face' seems to be an all-purpose reply to pretty much any comment. ThreeBeeOneGee
  • I saw a girl with YOLO all over her tights and I thought it might be VOLO, derived from the Latin verb 'to want'.  DarrellRivers
  • Blem means a cigarette or tobacco and blemboss means a person smoking just to show off. I learned this when practising smoking my electric cigarette. My son came in and caught me and pissed himself laughing. He then shouted to his brother 'Fam, fam! Look at dis, Mummy's da blemboss! Buck me your 'lectric blem, Mum. Pleeease yolo yolo.' AcrylicPlexiglass
  • My daughter texts me K instead of OK, because another letter is too long. Everything is too long is this house. 'Load the dishwasher', 'Oh allow it that's long.' TantrumsAndBalloons
  • We have the opposite, my son talks like a 50s school story. The first time he said golly, my husband and I nearly fell off our chairs with suppressed giggles. His current favourite is pips, as in pipsqueak, as in easy, as in 'that test was pips'. stealthsquiggle

Disclaimer: This guide was correct and factual at last time of updating, September 2013, when we most definitely had our finger on the pulse of youth culture



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