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Vita Liberata fake tan


"I can say, hand on heart, that I've never used a self-tan I like as much as this one - and I've tried loads. The results are great, and having used it a few times, I'm really impressed! I have the 'light' version, and it gives my skin a fantastic golden glow. I've had no trouble with streaks, as I'm really careful to scrub well beforehand and use gloves and a mitt to apply it." alwaysrunninginheels

"I'm useless at applying fake tan, and have had countless disasters, but I found Vita Liberata's wash-off version very easy to use. It blends well, has a natural colour and smells OK too." HappyAsEyeAm

"A couple of other ladies on another thread approve of it, so I've bought some to try." notyummy

Vita Liberata fake tan

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