Best ballet flats

If you've ever gone out in a pair of Primarni-quality ballet flats, you'll know why they cost so little - flimsy, chafing and so not worth it.

Instead, why not invest in one of these fabulous pairs of ballet flats, as rated by Mumsnetters? They'll last you through the warmer weather without disintegrating at the first sight of rain, be easy on your feet and look great all at the same time. 


Banana Republic Ashley Bow ballerinas, £75

Popular for their memory foam inlay (so lovely to wear), the Ashley Bow flats from Banana Republic also have a fab cushioned insole, "so comfy it's like wearing trainers!", according to one MNer. And they come in a variety of colours too. Brilliant.


Bloch, £95-£126

Billed as "very comfortable and beautifully made", Bloch is a brand that's famous for producing ballet shoes - the dancing kind - and so knows its stuff when it comes to making gorgeous, well-fitting pumps. 


Hush Puppies, £50-£55

Hush Puppies is famed for its super comfy squishy soles and breathable linings, and its range of ballet pumps is no different. "I swear by Hush Puppies and have several styles of ballet pump, in different colours."


Clarks, £29.99-£64.99

Clarks aren't just for your kids, you know. They get top marks for being both budget-friendly and comfortable for adults, too, as this cushion-y ballerina flat demonstrates. Plus, "the support makes such a difference - much more comfortable than totally flat shoes".



Kate Kanzier, £10-£30

How can shoes that look so pretty be so cheap? And yet they are, all between £10 and £30 and in so many gorgeous colours, making them the holy trinity of budget footwear flats: "reasonably priced, comfortable and loads of styles."



Topshop, £16-£32
No affordable footwear list would be complete without some of Topshop's offerings. As this Mumsnetter puts it, "Topshop's ballet shoes are soft as butter, dirt cheap and come in many colours". 



High end

Repetto, £210-£275

French brand Repetto takes the cake for effortlessly chic ballet flats that wouldn't look out of place on any chic Parisienne. They're costly, but for a good reason, producing timeless wearable pumps, which are "the most comfy ballerina shoes ever," according to one MNer. 


Russell & Bromley, £99.50-£295.99

With hundreds of styles available, the range of flats from high street favourite Russell and Bromley are great if you want to spend a little more and come away with something high quality; "They are all classic styles that stand the test of time."


French Sole, £95-£200

Trendy ballerina flats all began with French Sole, the brand that made them cool, so it's no surprise their flats rank highly in the lovely shoe stakes. Pick from the huge array of colours - "they are so worth it." 







Last updated: 19-Jan-2015 at 4:24 PM