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  • wolf hall
    General fiction

    Find out which novels Mumsnetters are reading - and which they really rate.

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  • classics

    Find out where to start on that backlist of classic books you should have read, everyone thinks you've read but you haven't quite got round to yet.

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  • crime fiction
    Crime fiction

    Nothing gets the heart pumping and the brain working like a gory whodunnit. Put your deerstalker on, pull out your eyeglass and get sleuthing.

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  • light reads
    Light reads

    When life is racing along, the daily routine feels 'meh' and there are a million things on the 'to do' list, there's nothing like a little light-hearted escapism.

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  • non fiction

    Delve deeper into an established hobby or learn something entirely new. The non-fiction reviews section is a world of possibility.

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  • biography

    There's something compelling about the experiences of other people, especially those who have led extraordinary lives. It's intriguing how a peek into other people's lives can reveal so much about our own.

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  • self help

    Who wouldn't like to be smarter, richer, bolder, better? We all have areas of our lives that we'd like to improve. Thankfully, sometimes the answer really is in a book.

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  • mumsnet rules

    The trouble with parenting advice is the sheer volume of tomes out there. Find out which books other parents have found the most helpful.

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  • delia cookbook

    It's the ultimate goal - working out the formula that will reward minimal culinary effort with maximum (meaning mouthwatering) result. Find a cookbook that suits you.

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  • childrens books
    Children's books

    Choose the next bedtime read for little ones. Suggest a chapter book that will grip the older ones. Keep children of every age excited about reading.

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  • The Passion
    Fiction for young adults

    Looking for books which will keep teenagers gripped? Find out which ones are rated by other Mumsnetters with teens.

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  • educational book
    Children's educational books and courses

    Persuading a child to do their homework is one of the less rewarding aspects of parenting. Hence our love for books that support the curriculum and inspire children to be independent learners. And if it's a course you're after - such as 11-plus - then you've come to the right place.

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