Top five vacuum cleaners

Evenings are lightening, trees are blossoming and lambs are gambolling: for organised folk (yes of course we consider ourselves among them, thank you kindly) this can only mean one thing - time for a good old spring clean.

For those considering investing in a new vacuum cleaner for the job, we've rounded up the top five based on Mumsnetters' reviews. If you're one step ahead and have already found your partner in dust-busting crime, let other Mumsnetters know how great it is by adding a review.


Henry with Mumsnet Best rosetteNumatic Henry £94.98

If there's one man Mumsnetters are (almost) guaranteed never to post on AIBU about, it's Henry. His bargainous efficiency, always accompanied by a resolutely cheerful expression, makes him a surefire hit with the nest of vipers - and he's got the coveted Mumsnet Best award to prove it.

"I have had my Henry for a year now. I love it. He follows me around smiling as I clean."

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Miele Cat and Dog with Mumsnet Best rosetteMiele Cat and Dog £199.99

Another Mumsnet Best, the Miele Cat and Dog is a firm favourite with pet owners on a never-ending mission to keep their homes hair-free.

"I love Miele cleaners and my cat and dog hoover deals extremely well with pet hair from my two dogs and all the grolly and mess from my kids too."

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Dyson DC44 Animal with Mumsnet Best rosetteDyson DC44 Animal £272

If you're going to go all out and treat yourself to a Dyson, this model is Mumsnet Best, on account of being cordless - perfect for those pesky stairs.

"This really is as great as everyone says. So light and yet so darn powerful. It's hard to overstate how liberating it is not trailing a cable, having to pull it out and wind it back in etc."

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Dyson DC34 HandheldDyson DC34 Handheld £165

Another nifty Dyson, this model is an alternative to a duster, enabling you to vacuum in places that would normally be hard to reach, such as shelves.

"This is so portable I use it nearly every day for the floors, walls, ceilings, window sills, you name it."

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Vax Air 3 ReachVax Air 3 Reach £124.97

Mumsnetters rate this vacuum cleaner owing to it being lightweight, weighing in at just 6kg, and possessed of the ability to pivot around corners. Neat, huh?

"Very easy to use, lightweight, goes under the furniture with ease and turns a corner with a slight twist (I can't believe how this actually makes such a difference to using a vacuum!)"

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