Newborn essentials

Making sure you have the essentials for your first baby can be confusing, especially if you're trying to separate out the must-haves from the mostly-useless. 

So, we've created a starter-for-10 list of the things Mumsnetters have on their baby checklist to help you hone your shopping or borrowing.

One thing to remember though - if there was ever a time to get thrifty and start buying pre-loved, this is it. Mumsnetters report having bought everything, bar their cot mattress and car seats, pre-owned, so it's well worth checking out the Nearly New section on your own Mumsnet Local and other resources such as Gumtree, Freecycle, eBay and NCT sales.

Essentials for newborn babies

Click on the links below to see which newborn essentials come with Mumsnetters' seal of approval.  


Cot or crib


Nappies (reusable or disposable)




Baby bouncer

Breast pump

Breast pump or bottle sterilizer




Baby wipes and cotton wool

Car seat

Car seat


Other items for your baby checklist

More key money-related dates to do with your pregnancy and newborn.

What Mumsnetters say about essentials for newborn babies

  • When picking a pushchair or pram, think about your lifestyle. I can't drive and we don't have a car. As I walk everywhere, I wanted a manoeuvrable, light pushchair, and I tried a few out at John Lewis to push them about. When I liked the feel of one, I watched eBay and pounced! Cyclebump
  • You always feel like you MUST get everything before the baby arrives, but I wish I'd waited, because lots of stuff I got was completely unused. And you will get cute little outfits etc as presents, so try to resist, especially as they all get puked on immediately! georginarrs


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