10 more reasons I'm crying while pregnant

Is your pregnancy turning you into a human version of the sad face emoji? Don't worry, you're not the only one...

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1. "I got overwhelmed by feelings, then started crying because I had all these feelings, and then carried on crying because I was being silly for crying over having feelings."

new girl jess crying 

2. "During my last pregnancy, I cried because my fish cake was so tasty."

fishcake and a woman crying over it

3. "I wept because I was watching a documentary about baby turtles hatching - straight away they had to face a perilous journey across the beach and their mother wasn't there to keep them safe!"

baby turtle on the beach

4. "I cried because I lost a card game. Then I won and felt guilty about being unreasonable and was once again overwhelmed."

Anne Hathaway in that Love and other drugs film saying it isn't fair

5. "I cried at the school sports day when they played the music from Chariots of Fire."

Chariots of fire scene with dramatic music

6. "I cried when I stood on a snail."

Dying snail and his son

7. "I cried because I sniffed my husband's White Russian cocktail and it was the most amazing smell ever - and I couldn't have any of it. Actual tears."

all the alcohol please

8. "My cat came over and gave me a hug. This led to a long hug and cry as I started telling him how grateful I am for him. Then I apologised for all the things that have ever upset him."

grumpy cat being grumpy

9. "My son asked me to explain 'Do you want to build a snowman?' from Frozen and I got sad thinking about Elsa's banishment to her room and Anna missing her."

Do you want to build a snowman - Frozen

10. "I cried during Songs of Praise."

songs of praise

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