The Women Problem: who's winning the battle for the female vote?

Mumsnet, with Ipsos MORI, has conducted an in-depth study into women's voting intentions. Key findings include:  

  • The Conservatives trail by 13 points among female voters (three times higher than among men)
  • Women nevertheless prefer Cameron (43%) to Miliband (34%)
  • Six out of 10 women who backed the Lib Dems in 2010 are no longer supporters
  • Fewer than half polled believe any of the three main party leaders are interested in women's concerns 

Justine Roberts, Mumsnet founder and CEO, says: "This study shows just how crucial appealing to women in the run-up to the election is going to be, as currently so many are unaligned or unenthused politically. Clearly the women's vote is still all to play for."

"This report lays bare the scale of the challenge"


Analysis: Sky News political correspondent Anushka Asthana takes a look at the findings from Mumsnet’s and Ipsos MORI's report into the political views of the UK’s women voters - and finds that no party can afford to be complacent.

Women's voting intentions: key findings

At a glance: A summary of the report's headline results, including the points gap between Labour and the Conservatives and Mumsnetters' dissatisfaction with the party leaders.

The Women Problem: infographic

How would you vote if there were a general election tomorrow? Find out where Mumsnetters stand - and get a real feel for the facts and figures - with our handy infographic. 

The Women Problem: full report

In-depth statistics broken down by age, social class, employer and home ownership status, plus information on women's positions on key policy areas and their views on the party leaders' strengths and weaknesses.

Mumsnet's focus groups

Take a look at the discussions: To flesh out the findings from the poll, we gathered five groups of Mumsnetters, with views ranging across the political spectrum, and asked them for their opinions.


Last updated: 16-Sep-2013 at 1:03 PM