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Greetings from Bloggers HQ

... where we're feeling the love from bloggers who have been singing Mumsnet's praises.

heart hug

Allow us to blow our own trumpet (just a little), with posts from Salt & Caramel, L&L's Working Mum and Steph Mann - all blimmin' good reads, flattery aside.

Golden tickets

three golden ticketsThanks to their brilliant posts, 3 bloggers have won themselves a ticket to Mumsnet WorkFest. *Drumroll please*...

Congratulations Head in Book, Free Falling into 40 and Dilly Tante

If you weren't one of the lucky ones, don't despair - there's still time to nab an Early Bird ticket and save yourself £20. The offer runs 'til midnight on Sunday 21 April so be sure to get in quick! It's set to be a truly inspiring day, with fabulous speakers and a host of great opportunities designed to help you return to work, change job or start out on your own. Find out more about the event and sign up now

Mumsnet WorkFest 

Spring is in the air!

daffodilWell, it's mid-April and we've finally seen a teeny weeny bit of sun <falls off chair in shock>. It all coincides rather nicely with the launch of our Spring Beauty round-up!

spring beauty products This month's guest editor, the fabulous Alice Bright Town Girl, is eager to know how you adapt your beauty habits for the season - so hurry over to the linky and share your post for a chance to be featured in the round-up.


Making history

Lucy WorsleyMN Blogger and awesome art historian Lucy Worsley has been gracing our TV screens each Monday on BBC Two's 'Fit To Rule: How Royal Illness Changed History' - well worth catching up on.

This week she's been popping up all over the place - in the Guardian's My Family Values and talking Historic Houses in the Telegraph. In between all that, she's found time to write about the value of academics and her 'Dr' title. Read her compelling post: "should I be ashamed of being such a 'useless' sort of doctor?"


Tech tip

TwitterEight ways to get more followers on Twitter

The uber-popular Slummy Single Mummy is sharing the love and insider knowledge for getting more eyes on your witty and informative 140 characters. Read, and more importantly *follow*, her top tips.

That's it from us, folks. See you next week, and happy blogging!

Kate, Jess and Hannah
Mumsnet Bloggers Team

Quote of the Week

secret shadow

'Three months ago you lost the drive containing the identity of every agent embedded in terrorist organisations across the globe.'

'Excuse ME, I didn’t LOSE it, I just put it in a safe place.'

- If Distressed Housewife was the new James Bond...

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