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Talk Round-up

21 December 2012 

Heeeeeeeey, sexy MN ladies (and gentlemen)! Is QueenieLovesEels being unseasonable " thinking a head teacher and staff taking part in a Gangnam YouTube effort is inappropriate at best?"

Let's find out. <does weird jockey dance. Composes self>

"...Am I getting crusty? I just don't understand how you can hold yourself up as a figure respected in the local community and perform a jiggy dance like a kangaroo chucking a lasso - along with other 'mature' members of staff."

Glitterknickaz shrugged: "The head and deputy head at the school two of my kids attend did Gangnam Style in giant bunny outfits."

RubyGates also lacked sympathy with Queenie's argument, baldly stating: "I'd put this firmly in the 'first world problem' box." Harsh but fair.


"It's just a bit of fun," counselled BeautifulBlondePineapple, providing a salutary anecdote. "Years ago our head teacher got up at the school talent show and did a version of Tom Jones' Sex Bomb. It was both awful and hilarious and all the kids respected him for being able to get up and have a laugh and make a fool of himself. But it would have been better if he hadn't also been my dad."
The cheerfully named CogitOCrapNotMoreSprouts wants to know if she's being unseasonable "to LOVE whoppers, kidders and deliberately lying to children." In her house, it seems: "The Santa myth is, frankly, small potatoes. Our family has a grand tradition of mad rellies that tell the smaller generation the biggest, fattest, pants-on-fire lies, which are swallowed whole and with huge delight. One uncle convinced us for years that he'd done backing vocals for 'his mate' Bob Marley. AIBU? Anyone else's family love a whopper? Care to share?"

"DH once told me that Linford Christie was Agatha Christie's grandson, and for 10 whole minutes I believed him," confessed fluffyanimal. While Cogito had remembered more unsuitable adult tales: "I had another uncle who lost an ear to cancer and had a prosthetic one that would come detached occasionally. Brilliant. The story circulated among the kids of the family was that he actually lost it by walking along Fleetwood prom without a hat on and it was pecked off by a seagull."                

SPsFanjoIsSantasLittleHoHoHo, meanwhile, admitted to making her sister "believe the burdock from the dandelion and burdock drink was a creature that lived in the woods. Its bones were crushed to make burdock. My stepdad backed me up and told her he used to work as a burdock catcher." But goldenlula is coming to regret having told her son that "blocks of flats are castles...It was sweet when he was a toddler but he'll be starting school soon."      
And now, is RedToothbrush being unseasonable to think that, wait for it... "Polar bears are better than penguins? They are just so cuddly rather than just daft."

It's an excellent point, surely?   

"There's no chocolate on a polar bear," points out peaceandlovebunny. "I'm seeing a marketing opportunity here," thought RedToothbrush, while off-board her DH was "trying to make the point that 'if penguins ever got clever humans would be screwed by their armies'." (Doesn't she realise that what happens on MN stays on MN?)

Unhappily, the debate remained unsettled, with Pingu used as evidence for both sides, but at least MerryChristMoose provided the thread, and now you all, with this excellent volley of jokes.
"Q: What do you get when you cross a polar bear with a seal? A: A polar bear.

Q: What's got four legs and a flipper? A: A happy polar bear."   

Stick them in yer Christmas crackers, chaps, and have a wonderful festive season. 

(Don't be strangers, though, keep in touch on the Talk boards, and follow us on FB and Twitter. Talk Round up will be back on Fri 11 Jan 2012. Until then, Peace and Love.) 


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