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Talk Round-up

14 December 2012 

"Am I the only one who didn't know, that Fine Bone China actually has, well...bones in it?" asked a horrified McPhee this week. Gulp.

It had certainly never occurred to Euphemia until her "vegan brother insisted on a glass mug for his tea", and ThePathanKhansWitch hadn't known either, greeting the news with a: "Holy cow! Well I never."

"What did you think the 'bone' bit of the name referred to?" wondered MissCellania.

"I don't know what I thought it meant TBH," confessed McPhee, "I'd never even thought about it. But eurgh... I'll use the builder's mug, please."

Stand firm, McPhee, looks like TessGoesDirectToBethlehem has even more bad news: "You DO know a builder's mug is made up of mashed-up builders, don't you?"


BlameItOnTheChoirOfAngels, not surprisingly, has been musing on the subject of The Bible. Never mind Jesus, what would Mary say, in the unlikely event that she found herself noodling about on the internet of an evening? "TheVirginMary - AIBU to think that DH could have at least booked a hotel?" "Relationships - DH is coveting our neighbour's DW, should I LTB or wait for God to smite him?" and "Good Housekeeping - How do I get rid of a plague of locusts?"

SPsFanjoIsSantasLittleHoHoHo thought Our Lady might post the following: "Gifted & Talented - Is my son developing quicker then normal? He keeps turning his water into wine! Fed up of him coming home from nursery pissed." And while Pregnancy is the obvious board, who wouldn't turn a blind eye to someone popping a thread on to Chat for this tabloid zinger? "Chat - Just wondered if there are any other virgins carrying a child that isn't their partner's?"

Djembe worried about transportation problems: "Pushchairs - Is anyone else a bit disappointed with the Bugaboo Donkey?" While GreenyEyes was suffering from Missing Husband Syndrome: "DH not come home from work. Apparently he and his workmates have decided to 'follow a star'."

Sleepyfergus wanted to know how to handle her impromptu guests and their presents: "AIBU - Why do people not stick to a gift list? What the bloody hell am I supposed to do with Myrrh? A Kitchen Aid food processor is on the list for a reason." Amen to that.

LRDtheFeministDude was twitchy about the New Testament: "Feminism - AIBU to worry that my carefully written gospel, with first-hand accounts of Jesus' life may not be totally safe with that shifty publisher Paul? He says, 'Yes Mary, of course it'll be clear you were Jesus' right-hand woman,' but somehow I don't trust him..." MuffinPaws was back on the subject of Christmas and aged relatives: "Christmas - My Uncle Methuselah is 76 and comes round to ours every year. PITA. Tell me this is not going to happen for much longer?" Eeeeeer.

Garlicbaubles was enjoying the thread so much she began the petition for it to go into Classics, but SuffolkNWhat needed to post in Site Stuff: "We keep on getting spam PMs from some bloke named Paul, is there anyway to shut him up? Signed, The Corinthians." LineRunnerWithBellsOn sympathised: "We wish he'd fark off as well. Signed The Ephesians."

Enter a figure from on high, who had heard Garlic's plea.

GodMumsnet (MNHQ): "ASK AND IT SHALL BE DONE!" And lo, did this thread get moved unto Classics and peace reigneth (until the next time).

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